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12 Digital Marketing Strategies to Consider While Coronavirus Pandemic

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  • 2020-04-24
  • The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is a human tragedy affecting the whole world. A lot of people are greatly affected. A lot of deaths have occurred all over the world as well as a lot of people catching the virus and recovering from the painful phases of it. By now, I am pretty sure that everyone is aware of all the negativity that comes with the COVID-19 so I will not dig any deeper into that, rather, I will discuss some useful digital marketing strategies that can be carried out by companies to stay on top of their game during and after this pandemic.

    Yes, this whole virus craze is serious and it impacted our businesses and the global economy as well, but things will eventually be back to normal. Every company can start doing little by little improvements and changes to their digital marketing strategies to be somewhat in a more advantageous place when this thing is over.

    The only thing that we need to keep in mind and focus on is keeping positive and trusting that everything will be back to normal in a very short time. This will keep us motivated and be a driving force to stay determined and trying as we once were before all this craze hit the world.

    Yes, most of us are locked up in our homes right now, away from friends and family, away from our workplaces and colleagues but this should not be a reason for any of us not to adapt to this new lives of ours and find ways to carry out our daily routines, both in our businesses and our private lives.

  • 1. Stay connected with your audience on social media. It is important that people see that you are around at these times.

    During hard times, people use social media more than they normally would. This is due to the uncertainty of the situation, and for some it might even be that they are scared of the whole situation and they are looking for relief. There’s massive restrictions going on in all of our lives, and everyone has to do a lot of sacrifice. This whole coronavirus thing has affected everyone in a different way; little children cannot go to school, whereas adults have to stay at home and do work from home (the ones that can at least).

    It is the time to show respect to one another and show empathy to others. If help is needed, then we should be there to help out. If this is the situation the whole world is facing, then we will be surviving this crisis all together.

    It is a sensitive period that needs to be dealt with care. We need to show respect to others and not be too salesy as if we are nurturing in this situation, but this does not mean that we can pass on this opportunity to stand out from our competition during this crisis period.

    A lot of people are browsing through social media, many times more than they would on a regular time, always on the look for updates on the situation and looking for any positivity to hang on to, so if we as a brand are present and giving them something valuable and maybe comforting to look for, this will be of great benefit to the brand after all this negative period is over.

  • 2. Have an online presence. Every business needs to have an online presence especially during times where movement is restricted

    It is a great time to be active in terms of online presence. If not everyone, most people around the world are home under the lockdown restrictions or due to government warnings to slow down the spread of this deadly coronavirus. Everyone is always on their phones or computers and always active, looking for ways of entertaining themselves or browsing through local or global news just to be up to date with what is happening all over the world during this crazy period.

    So, how should businesses react to this? They should be active when it comes to online presence. This might require action to be taken on all social media channels that the business is present on, but hey, this is the best time to be investing on your online presence. It is a good time to play for the search engine results as the search traffic has risen to a great extends, and information floating online is consumed massively. With a good SEO strategy and smart quick actions taken, any business can easily glide past their competitors.

  • 3. Invest in Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising. It is a very good time for this.

    This crisis time is holding many people home and they are continually on the internet, browsing the web or looking for entertainment online. This is the perfect time to boost your pay per click (PPC) advertising, with a bigger chance of having your ads seen by more and more relevant people. This investment will help your business become very advantageous against your competitors.

    During this time, it became clear that cost per clicks on average have dropped significantly around 7-8%, and this means that you can spend less to do the same amount of advertising, which is a great deal for many businesses, as they can use that spared money on increasing the volume of the adverts they publish.

  • 4. Use this opportunity to keep your competition behind or pass your competition

    We talked about the importance of online presence during this crisis period, but are we doing enough to reach our target audience, or is it just being a missed opportunity. People need to find your website, they need to make their way into the site. For this to happen, you need to be following a structured SEO strategy, which will keep your site up there where your target audience will see and reach it easily. If this is not the case, then you will have no chance against any competitor that carries out this practice better than you.

    The importance of SEO is massively important when it comes to driving organic traffic to your business’ website. This will help move your site’s search engine ranking to be much higher, up on the top pages where more people doing related searches with certain keywords will have a better chance of seeing you.

    Of course, achieving good results through SEO requires some time and a good strategy. You need to follow the right steps that will take your business to the desired levels in terms of SEO performance.

    Success in SEO comes through spending valuable time and effort on keeping the contents of your site up to date and optimized.

    This period of uncertainty might lead to some competitors reducing their costs by slowing down or even cutting their investment on SEO, but in reality, this is the perfect time if you have the resources to invest in your SEO to improve your rankings and move in front of others.

  • 5. Be ready and prepared for when things will turn back to normal

    As discussed above, SEO is a long term practice and if success is desired, then these practices should be dealt with care for the long term. Like everything, this coronavirus pandemic will come to an end as well, and that is when you will want your business to stand strong among your competitors.

    If SEO is not stopped and carried out during the crisis, then there won’t be much to worry about, but if SEO practices are stopped up until this period is over, then the effects of this will be seen in two month’s time. That will be when the organic search traffic will start to drop if SEO practices are stopped today. So, it is strongly recommended that SEO practices are continued during this period.

  • 6. Try to come up with unique and sensible offers that might help your audience during this time.

    This crisis period might be the time to show that your business cares about your customers and is willing to help them out during these uncertain times. This will require your business to come up with new strategies to help your customers. It will not be wise to continue the way you operate your business in terms of marketing and sales if the target audience is unable or not so willing to buy the products that your business offers right now.

    Help might be in the form of discounts, or easier payment methods. There are digital tools that can be used to set up installments as a method of payment for your products. This will give your customers the opportunity to choose how and when they want to pay.

    There are tools such as Klarna that allows you to implement into your business. Having such a practice will increase your revenue during this uncertain time and keep your business going. Keeping in mind that there are a lot of people on the internet bored of doing the same things day in day out, they are looking for discounts and new stuff to buy, in an attempt to keep themselves happy. This period can be wisely used by businesses and by investigating how users will react to such special offers, these strategies can be improved with time, and even continued during normal operation periods when things turn back to normal. It is an idea that millennials would love to use, where they will be able to arrange and plan their payments and be able to shop more freely and stress-free.

    This kind of new strategy will give your brand the opportunity to be strong and ready for when things are back to normal.

  • 7. Improve your site’s SEO

    We discussed the importance of having an improved online presence during this crisis period, but what is the point of being digitally active if you cannot land potential customers on your website?

    It is important that businesses understand the importance and the goal of carrying out a professional SEO practice. SEO is there to help your business come up in a good position, preferably at the top or near the top of the search engine results pages when users (which also happen to be your potential customers) are searching for keywords that are related to your business. It is not an easy thing to be sitting high up there in the search engine results, as a lot of businesses are carrying out vast amounts of work to get to those desired spots. But this crisis period might be the time where your competition might be focusing on other things such as keeping the business alive rather than spend time and money on SEO practices.

    With good planning and a good strategy, this period can be a good opportunity to jump to the top and be in an advantageous spot when things are back to normal.

  • 8. You might need to do changes to your business, make some plans for possible changes

    These are times that businesses need to be open to changes. When we say changes, it can be changes of any kind.

    People are staying home to stay safe, and all they can do is to try to escape their reality through the internet. So what can businesses do to help this situation? How can every business (not just digital ones) stay alive during such a limiting scenario?

    Well, simply by adapting. In these fluid periods, businesses can adapt to what the current situation allows them to do, or by simply adapting to the needs and requirements of the target audience. This will keep the existing customers or any potential ones happy.

    Adaptation can be done depending on the type of business. Let’s assume you are a restaurant. During this period, where it is illegal to have people dining in, how do you adapt? You might not be doing delivery services during normal days but this might be the time for some change. You might want to give your customers the opportunity to order and get their food delivered to their door. Another option might be having them pick up at specific locations that will suit both you and your customer; maybe a car park, or someplace similar.

    The same goes for schools. Having online classes for students is a big adaptation. It will be a temporary solution during this coronavirus craze, but it sure will solve a big problem. It will keep the education going for the kids, and at the same time keep them occupied. This will give some time for parents to do their work from home as well. So it is one of the best adaptation scenarios out there for a lot of people right now.

  • 9. No need for panic reactions

    Coronavirus is a terrible thing happening right now affecting many people all around the world, this is, unfortunately, an inevitable reality for all of us right now. But this will not last forever. It will come to an end at some point.

    Some people are affected more than others, with people in their family or themselves catching the virus and having to go through the hard times this will bring for their lives. This period might require some of our businesses to slow down operation or even stop trading for a bit.

    This does not mean that you have to go into full panic mode and take radical decisions by looking at this weird situation that we all have to go through. Instead, try to operate in a standby mode when things around you are critical and slowly scale up while things are getting better. Do not take decisions and change the flow of your business. There is a chance that you will regret these decisions, so it is best not to rush into taking them. You do not want to make rapid decisions and stop operation because you don’t see light at the end of the tunnel. Trying to survive this period, even if it falls down to using the government’s help schemes to keep things going is the way to go.

    One best option is to continue the digital marketing practices, even if it is down to very low intensity, just to keep the name of your brand up there, where your customers can see. They will eventually return to their normal spending habits and these will pay off when the time comes.

  • 10. Use this lockdown time as an opportunity to plan and complete your digital to-do’s

    Since everyone has a lot of time freed up, then a good advice can be to use this time to look back at some stuff that kept on being pushed back for various reasons. This might be less important tasks, or self improvement efforts. It might even be improving some aspect of your business that you are not greatly happy with. Whatever it is that you have been postponing all this time, it is a very good chance to go back and work on, and actually get it done with.

    customers. Also, it’s an ideal time to do an SEO audit of your website to ensure you’re maximizing your optimization strategies.

  • 11. Help people in the crisis, whatever the help will be, help is help

    People will see the positive intent and remember your goodwill. It is important to take such actions if you can. No matter what the help is, if there is something that you can do to help people in crisis.

    Some alcoholic beverage producing factories started producing hand sanitizers, whereas some private medical labs are producing strong disinfectants and handing it out for free. Some businesses that own 3D printers are producing face protection equipment for the front line workers in the hospitals. Some factories in the textile industry are producing face masks and handing it out to municipalities and other departments of the state - in order to be distributed to citizens. All of these are signs of goodwill and these will not be forgotten by the people. It is important to give a helping hand to those in need.

  • 12. Keep an eye on your marketing metrics and observe your success

    Marketing data is as important as ever during these times. Every business should keep an eye on this data and see if what they are doing in terms of marketing strategy is working or not. If it is going well, then carry on doing whatever is that you are doing, if not, then change to more relevant stuff and observe that till you are satisfied that it is working for your business.

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