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9 Key Assets To Make Your Perfect Shopify Store

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  • 2020-03-12
  • Introduction

    If you have never heard of Shopify before, or you are not sure about what it's all about. This is your opportunity to not only learn more about this e-commerce solutions service provider but also to know what assets are available to enhance your user experience.

  • The Shopify Experience

    First, of all, Shopify is an online platform that offers many service functions to individuals and corporate entities wishing to set up an online store.

    Shopify is an easy to use platform where users of any experience or technical ability (ranging from beginner to advanced) can benefit from and come up with very exciting and professional online stores.

    This subscription-based platform offers a variety of useful tools that will get beginners started on building an online store for their online enterprise.

    Essentially with a monthly fee, you will be able to build, customize, manage, and ultimately grow your online store. Shopify allows you to not only create a highly professional looking online store but also enable you to…

    - effectively manage your products and services with dynamic management tools,

    - set up a payment processor,

    - integrate Google analytics,

    - integrate global shipping as well as tracking application.

    This article gives you a heads up on 9 key assets to make your perfect Shopify store.

  • #1: Use Professional and High-Quality Photos and Videos

    To give your Shopify store that professional look, you would need to customize your store to your desired preference. As you sign up for Shopify, you will be able to make use of their dashboard features.

    One such feature is the theme store. The Shopify theme store is versatile and comprises of a high-quality library. This library consists of a large number of themes that cut across a wide array of industries.

    What is also great about the Shopify theme store is that it allows you to customize your online store by including high-quality photos and videos. The free Shopify theme store enables you to add videos and photos to your online store theme layout.

    Photos and videos can also be added to your Contact Us, About Us and Blog pages created on your Shopify website. People are naturally attracted to videos and imagery.

    So having very sharp photos as well as compelling, informative videos will go a long way in boosting your Shopify store, increasing traffic and conversion rates.

  • #2: Keep your Text and Message Clear and Concise

    If you want to have a highly competitive Shopify store, you need to be clear in what you intend to sell. Whether it's a physical product and service or a digital product, your target audience needs to know exactly what your Shopify store is all about.

    It also starts with your domain name. It will be good to have a domain name that is in line with the nature of your business. If for example your online store was created for the selling of coffee beans, having a clearly defined domain name that would be linked to coffee or beans such as 'Sweet Coffee' will enable visitors of your store to easily understand what your store is all about.

    Also, as you create pages on your Shopify store, you need to provide information that visitors can relate with.

    Having a Blog page, for example, will require that you provide meaningful content to promote your brand and products while still offering value to your target audience.

  • #3: Tell a Good Story

    Storytelling is one crucial way of promoting your Shopify store. With a Blog page created on your Shopify store, you can boost traffic to the store with high-quality SEO rich content.

    By offering useful information and tips to your target audience, you will endear them to your brand and products.

    One key asset that will make your Shopify store perfect is incisive, educative and informative content. This will draw traffic to your store and should boost the patronage of your products by visiting prospects.

  • #4: Keep it Mobile-friendly and Design Mobile First

    Today's world is been managed and controlled from the small screen of a mobile phone. That's why most successful online businesses are built to be mobile-friendly.

    Apart from offering users a mobile-friendly and highly interactive interface, Shopify also provides mobile compatible features as many people including your target audience spend most of their spare time on their mobile phones.

    With the Shopify App store, you have access to hundreds of different mobile compatible apps that you can download to your Shopify store. Some of these apps or plugins are free while others are premium apps that you have to pay for.

    There are mobile apps in different categories. These apps can help your business in locating products that can be sold on your Shopify store. Also, there are apps that help to integrate social media platforms into your online store.

    Using the Shopify App store can help you in adding mobile-friendly plugins, features, and options that mobile users can fully appreciate.

  • #5: Don’t forget SEO

    Search Engine Optimization or otherwise known as SEO is a digital marketing tool and asset that your Shopify store can utilize to great effect.

    Signing up to a Shopify store account and having a mobile-friendly site may not be enough if you do not have SEO-friendly content.

    Adding the right 'keywords' and 'key phrases' to your Shopify store content will improve the traffic to your site and business.

    If for example, you have created a Shopify store for a T-shirt production business, you might want to use key phrases like long-sleeve T-shirts, short-sleeve T-shirts, Round Neck, V Neck and Polo T-shirts in your site's content.

    These SEO key phrases are ranked high on search engines such as Google. So when your target audience search for T-shirt service providers using any of these key phrases, your Shopify store gets a mention on the search results.

    SEO helps to increase traffic to your store and a rise in traffic means an increased rate of conversion.

  • #6: Choose a clear and functional theme which is also Fast

    If there is one thing that you can rely on Shopify to provide, it is a functional theme. There are many themes to choose as you set up your Shopify store. There are free themes and premium ones that cost money. However, you should know that these days in the world of online marketing, less actually means more. So in deciding on what theme to adapt to make your Shopify store a perfect one, you need to first ask yourself the following three questions;

    - How many products do you intend to sell?

    - Are you concerned about the speed of your theme?

    - Do you want a theme that is customizable?

    These questions are important as they form the basis of the type of theme you should go for. One such theme is known as 'Startup'.

    A startup is a clearly defined, responsive and very fast Shopify theme. It is great if you intend to sell one or a few products in your store. In addition, you can customize the theme to suit your preference and specification.

  • #7: Customize your HTML and CSS

    The beauty of your Shopify store is in your ability to customize both the HTML and CSS. As you might know already, HTML or the HyperText Markup Language is utilized in structuring your Shopify store web content.

    So with HTML, you can define the headlines as well as paragraphs of your web content. You can also have videos and images embedded in your web content using HTML.

    This is one great way to give your Shopify store a perfect outlook. However, with CSS or the Cascading Style Sheets, you can define the style of your web documents. This includes the page layouts for the pages on your Shopify store, the fonts used for the web content and the adopted color scheme.

    By being able to modify your Shopify store using HTML and CSS, you will be in a better position to enhance the overall appearance and output of your store.

  • #8: Get a Good Knowledge about the Limitations and Capabilities of this CMS

    Another key asset to make perfect your Shopify store is to have a full understanding of the store's Content Management System capabilities.

    What content can you edit, publish and promote on your Shopify store? This is the question that you need to find out when deciding on the Shopify package to subscribe to.

    Shopify offers a two week or 14 days free trial period after registration, this gives you ample time to know the limitations of the store with regards to the product or products you intend promoting and selling.

  • #9: You Should choose a Shopify Template that fits your needs.

    The ninth key asset to making your Shopify store perfect lies in the template that you choose. Depending on the nature of your business and the corresponding category on Shopify, you can choose from a collection of professionally crafted templates.

    A template is just a canvas on which you can work with. What this means is that whatever template you choose, it offers your Shopify store a foundation. Ultimately, you can customize the template in a number of ways to meet your preferred output.

    There are both free and premium templates to choose from. You will be able to adjust or change the color scheme, imagery, and fonts used on your chosen template. It is also possible for you to add your corporate logo to the template as well as an email subscription box.

    Finally, depending on the products you want to sell on your Shopify store, you can activate respective product options and features. These are 9 key assets that can make your Shopify store perfect and also make it stand out from your competitors.

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