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E-Commerce During Coronavirus Pandemic Period

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  • 2020-05-04
  • Introduction

    The Coronavirus pandemic is a scourge that has taken many lives globally. This pandemic has also completely altered the way people relate to one another and do business.

    For weeks now, the entire world has been in one form of self-isolation or another, putting micro and macroeconomic activities on hold. But even at these hard times, there are still many economic opportunities available particularly to e-businesses.

    This article examines how people should sell their products during this era of Coronavirus.

    It looks at the SEO and social media ad strategies that you could adopt at this time. Also, this post sees how different business categories have been affected by the pandemic and how you can improve your marketing communication at this time.

    You will also get to know how shopping behavior has been changed because of the virus and why this may just be the time to invest your time, effort, and money into building an eCommerce website and engaging in e-business.

  • How should you sell products during this period?

    At this point in time, many traditional business establishments like production industries are experiencing a hard time.

    A number of businesses have been shut closed because of their government's directive on social distancing. The entertainment, sports, aviation, tourism, hospitality, and restaurant business have all been grounded by COVID-19.

    People can no longer go to work at industries the way they used to. This has led to a drastic drop in production in most industries. The traditional sales model has also been adversely affected as restrictions on movement has led to less and less business-to-consumer (B2C) interaction.

    Today there is an ever growing emphasis on the new concept of ebusiness-to-consumer (E2C) interaction. Businesses have realised that the only way they can get to sell their products is to actually get it marketed and sold online, then delivered to consumers.

    This period has led to eCommerce taking center stage as the primary mode of selling physical and digital products.

  • How should you change your SEO, Google & Facebook Ad Strategies

    How should you change your SEO, Google & Facebook Ad Strategies

    Due to changes in consumer purchasing behavior as well as how businesses need to sell their products. There is also a need for businesses to change their SEO and Social media ad strategies. With businesses becoming more active online, there is now a greater emphasis on the development of eCommerce websites.

    More businesses have modified their websites to make them SEO friendly with quality content. Others have moved from being regular websites to becoming online stores in order to offer their products to consumers wherever they may be around the world.

    Even Google and Facebook ad strategies have changed. Now business ads are more consumer-focused than ever before. The ads have to point to how businesses can satisfy consumers in self-isolation rather than simply describing their products and stating what they offer.

    Social media ad strategies should now be focused more on…

    - low prices,

    - ease of payment,

    - speed of home delivery,

    - bonuses and discounts.

    Gone are the days when the focus of ads was primarily on what the product has to offer. Likewise, as consumers search the internet for businesses offering excellent service delivery, SEO strategies should be geared towards that.

  • How have different business categories been affected?

    Just as some businesses have been adversely affected by COVID-19, others are actually thriving.

    As mentioned before, businesses in the aviation, tourism, hospitality, entertainment, and sports sectors of the economy, for example, are experiencing a slump at the moment.

    However, those businesses that can reach out to consumers online are more than likely to thrive. Consumers buying behaviour has moved from in-store purchasing to online ordering.

    Even restaurants now offer online ordering and delivery services. So inevitably any business that can move from traditional business activities to becoming an eCommerce store has a greater chance of succeeding at this time.

  • Increasing Business Categories:

    As people are forced to stay at home for their own safety, there is a higher demand for food items, pharmaceutical products, and home appliances.

    Ten of the most thriving business categories during the coronavirus pandemic along with their sales growth rate in percentage include;

    #1: Manufacturers of "Disposable Gloves" are experiencing a sales growth rate of more than 650%.

    #2: Manufacturers of "Bread Machines" since the start of the year have witnessed over 600% sales turnover.

    #3: Producers of "Cough and Cold Medications" since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic have experienced more than 500% growth in sales.

    #4: Makers of "Pre-packaged Soups" have witnessed over 390% growth in sales.

    #5: Manufacturers of "Dried Grains and Rice" since the turn of the year have experienced more than 380% turnover.

    #6: Suppliers of "Packaged Foods" have over 370% growth in sales.

    #7: "Fruit Cup" producers have witnessed a growth in sales of more than 320%.

    #8: "Weight Training" has seen a growth of more than 300%.

    #9: "Milk and Cream" producers have been thriving with over 250% sales turnover since the COVID-19 outbreak.

    #10: "Dishwashing Supplies" have seen a growth in sales of more than 240%.

  • Declining Business Categories:

    Some of those business categories that have taken the most hit since the advent of the coronavirus include;

    #1: "Luggage, Briefcase, Suitcase, and Gym Bag" production, distribution, supply, and sales have dropped by more than 75% since the pandemic.

    #2: "Camera" manufacture, distribution, supply, and sales have plummeted by more than 62%.

    #3: "Men's Formal Wear, Bridal Wear, Men's and Women's Swimwear" manufacture, distribution, supply, and sales have dropped by more than 61%.

  • How should you change your marketing communication during this period?

    As with all things, marketing communication needs to change during this coronavirus outbreak. The use of traditional marketing strategies and door-to-door sales tactics are no longer tenable.

    Sending letter mail correspondence is also a waste of time, effort, and money. Most people during this period are online and receive most of their news content and communication via the internet.

    So businesses need to intensify their marketing communication efforts using as many online mediums as possible. These can be email correspondence, as well as the use of Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

    Businesses need to develop customer service support using online communication tools like WhatsApp. Video conferencing apps like Zoom can also be used by businesses to reach out to potential and regular customers.

  • How will shopping behavior change after the pandemic?

    After the pandemic, it is expected that shopping behavior would still remain relatively the same as during the pandemic.

    It is expected that it would take people a tremendous amount of time to come to terms with previous social, buying habits. Also, the coronavirus pandemic has gone a long way in forcing people into educating and informing themselves of the other alternatives for purchasing their desired items.

    Online buying behavior is higher now, more than ever before and it is expected that this simple, convenient way of shopping would be the option that most people would adopt even after the pandemic eases off a bit.

  • Is it the best time to focus on planning and developing e-commerce websites?

    Absolutely! This is the best time for most businesses to rediscover and repackage themselves.

    It is the best time for businesses to exist as eCommerce websites as this is now the future of business in the 21st century.

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