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Android Mobile App Development

For some time now, there has been a gradual shi5 from the use of web applications to installed mobile apps by many people.

The advancement in mobile technology has also led to an unprecedented rise in the number of mobile so5ware applications that are developed and launched.

One such mobile apps are designed and developed for Android Operating Systems (OS). Android mobile apps are built for mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets powered by Android OS.

  • What is an Android Mobile App?

    An Android mobile app is a so5ware application that is built for use on Android mobile devices and as mentioned before, these can be mobile phones or tablets.

    These mobile apps are available on the much-touted Android app marketplace known as Google Play Store. Android apps can be downloaded either for free or for money from Google Play Store.

  • How to build an Android Mobile App?

    To build an Android mobile app, you need to be proficient in the Java programming language which is actually a programming language that is available and utilized in Android, as well as having a good understanding of the Android environment such as;

    - learning of XML which is necessary for designing an Android app,

    - learning of Android concepts, and

    - utilizing

    - the acquired Android concepts through programming with Java.

    You should know that if you are new to building an Android app, it would take you quite some time to actually develop your own ready to launch a mobile app.

    So, if you want your Android app designed and launched in the shortest time possible, you should seriously consider engaging in the services of an Android app development agency.

  • What are the advantages of Mobile Apps?

    If you ever wondered what benefits you can derive from developing a mobile app, well here are a few worth mentioning.

    - Time Saving: When compared to web applications, mobile apps actually launch quicker on mobile devices.

    - Customization: Mobile apps can be customized to suit the requirements of the owner of the app. Also, user content of mobile apps may be personalized as well.

    - All time Access: Many mobile apps can be launched whether users are connected to the internet or not.

    - Flexibility: One thing that mobile apps have in common is their flexibility. Mobile apps are built in such a way that they are compatible with functions and features of the mobile device they are installed on.

    - Easy Use: Most mobile apps are designed to be highly usable. Developers and end-users would find it easy to use mobile apps. High interactivity and user-friendliness are top of the list of design priorities for most mobile apps.

  • What are the advantages of an Android App?

    Owners, App Developers and Users of Android mobile apps are open to a number of benefits. Some of these benefits include;

  • For Users:

    - One Marketplace Access: To download and install an Android app, you simply have to visit Google Play Store. It is at this Android app marketplace that you can download an Android app for free or in some cases, for money.

    - Less Expensive Mobile Devices: Compared to iOS mobile devices, Android mobile devices are less expensive. This means that with a cheap Android mobile phone you can easily have access to an Android app.

    - Lots of Widgets: Android apps offer users a large number of widgets which are features that help to enhance the functionality and use of the app.

    - Enhanced Read-only Memory (ROM): With Android apps their Read-only Memory or ROM can be easily enhanced.

  • For Owners/App Developers:

    - Low Development Costs: Compared to iOS app development, Android apps cost much less especially when contracted to an app development firm.

    - Large Customer Base: The customer base for Android apps is quite large. With Android mobile devices being in-expensive, lots of people worldwide have access to Android apps which offer owners of these apps a wide prospective customer base.

    - Easy API Implementation: The API implementation for Android apps is quite easy.

    - Enhanced Return on Investment (ROI): The Return on Investment or ROI can be quite impressive when it comes to Android apps.

    - Code Reusability: The source code for Android apps can be reused time a5er time.

    - Easy Customisation: The features of Android apps can be modified with ease.

    - Easy Test-run: Android apps are easy to test-run before their actual launch.

  • What should you know before choosing an agency for your Android App Development?

    Before you decide to engage the services of an Android app development firm, you really need to do some homework to know if the agency would meet your needs or not.

    Here are a few things you need to find out about the agency.

  • #1: First Impression:

    The saying that first impressions are everything rings true with app development agencies. Before you decide on which firm to hire, try to figure out what their primary interest is.

    Is their focus on your business or is their interest only in simply taking your money and developing an Android app for you? The former is a more preferable first impression.

  • #2: Carry out a PorKolio Check:

    Never hire an agency without first browsing through their portfolio. You need to know the sort of clients they have and then check out the apps that were designed and launched, to know if the agency is competent to meet your needs or not.

  • #3: Feedbacks, Reviews, and References:

    Make sure to do a little digging into the sort of feedback, reviews, comments, and references about the firm which are available online. A firm with a series of poor feedback should be avoided at all costs.

  • #4: Relations MaPer:

    An agency that is out to build a mutually beneficial business relationship with you is worth its weight in gold. Consider the firm that sets out to first and foremost, understand your app concept and needs before anything else.

  • #5: Price Isn't Everything:

    You can get an Android app development firm offering a very cheap price, but offers crappy service. You could also have an expensive firm that offers you a terrible service.

    While price is important and you do have a budget to work with, it should not be the driving force behind your decision to hire an Android app development firm.

    In addition, you should look at the bigger picture in terms of the total package that the agency is offering including design and coding considerations.

  • Android Mobile App Development Prices – How much does it cost to build an Android App?

    Clutch puts the average cost of Android app development at a rate of between USD$25,275 to about USD$27,500. However, it is widely believed that the actual cost of Android app development may be much lower than what was suggested.

    In fact, the rate may range from between USD$15,000 to around USD$40,000. This is due to the fact that the world has now become a global village and business owners can actually hire an Android app development agency from half-way around the globe at a relatively cheap rate.

  • How long will it take to build and launch your Android App?

    The process of developing your Android app can be broken down into four (4) different phases. With each phase requiring an amount of time to complete.

    Here's a breakdown of each phase and the estimated time it would take to accomplish.

    - Idea formulation and research: This takes between two (2) to three (3) weeks to accomplish.

    - Android app design and planning: This phase would take about four (4) weeks to complete.

    - App development: The estimated time required to develop an Android app is approximately six (6) weeks.

    - Test-run: Test running the Android App before its actual launch is very important. This is when most bugs are identified and fixed.

    The estimated timeframe for test-running an app can vary. It all depends on the initially expected timeframe given by the owner for the app launch. However, ideally, a test-run if an app should take anywhere between two (2) to four (4) weeks.

  • Which features should be included in your App?

    While there are many features that your Android app should have. Below are some features that are absolutely essential to the success of your Android app.

    - An Android app with a simplistic, user-friendly, and highly interactive user-interface.

    - An Android app with a user feedback feature.

    - The app should integrate social media tools.

    - An ultra-fast loading speed.

    - User language support feature for multiple foreign languages.

    - A simplistic registration, sign up, sign in and/or login page.

  • Do you need an App or not – How can you decide?

    The choice of whether you may require an Android app or not is completely yours to make. However, if you are a business owner wishing to increase your customer base, enhance brand awareness, and boost ROI; then having an app of your own is for you.

    An Android app is constantly in the face of Android mobile device users, as it is basically on their tablet or mobile phone screens a5er installation. The availability of your app in the Google Play Store and potential customer base is a good recipe for improved ROI.

  • What kind of support will I receive throughout the development process?

    An Android app development agency like Saypr will provide you with holistic support from day one. The support will include;

    - App idea conceptualization and research,

    - App design and redesign,

    - Android app development, and

    - App test-run and launching.

    Saypr will offer you a email, live chat, and phone-in support. You will get technical support for all aspects of your Android app development project.

    In addition, your inquiries will be responded to in a fast, concise manner to leave you in no doubt as to their ability to provide you with the best possible Android app according to your requirements and expectations.

  • Will you own the source code of the App after launching?

    Absolutely, part of the agreement between yourself and Saypr is to have you claim ownership and complete access to the source code of your developed Android app. The agreement is not ambiguous and fully discloses the terms and conditions for service.

  • Do you also build Web Applications for my mobile Android App?

    Saypr will also provide you with a number of compatible web applications that are fully adaptable to your Android app.

    All mobile apps developed by Saypr are made to be fully compatible with web applications to ensure the seamless and flexible usability of the mobile app.

  • Do you provide ongoing support, maintenance, and updates?

    Saypr provides lifelong support for all the apps it develops. Support comes by way of both customer and technical support.

    Saypr dedicates a team of developers to help with rectifying bugs discovered during an app test- run and even a5er its launch.

    The Android app will also receive regular and periodic updates and maintenance to ensure that it remains relevant and not obsolete in it's usefulness to users.

    Support communication comes by way of email, live chat, phone call, and even remote support where the app is modified remotely by the team of app developers.

  • Why should you choose Saypr as your Android Mobile App Development Agency?

    As an Android app development agency, Saypr will tick every box that you have in terms of…

    - support, app maintenance, and updates,

    - responsiveness, user-friendliness, and interactivity,

    - provision of a proactive user feedback feature,

    - social media integration,

    - very fast Android app loading speed,

    - multiple foreign language support for your app, and

    - fully-functional signup, login, registration and/or sign-in page.

    In addition, when you hire Saypr you can be sure that they will offer a customer-centric approach to know more about your app idea.

    You can also guarantee that your interests come first and you will have full access to the source- code of your app a5er its development, test-run, and launch.

    Saypr has an impressive portfolio and you can easily check out the feedback, reviews, and references from their customers online.

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