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The Saypr team's diverse skillset allows us to match our services based on your needs across strategy, design, marketing, prototyping, and development for a range of digital projects. We provide expertly tailored solutions based on our clients needs and goals.

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  • Digital Strategy

  • What is Digital Strategy?

    Defining a digital strategy can be overwhelming as technology continues to evolve

  • Brand Strategy

  • What is Brand Strategy?

    Brand management and positioning is critical in maintaining a long-term strategy in differentiating your products & services while establishing your customer profile

  • Market Research

  • What is Market Research?

    Market insight and real-time consumer intelligence allows for strategic decision making by leveraging our internal marketing analytics team

  • Omni Channel

  • What is Omni Channel?

    With many companies diving quickly into newer digital platforms, existing solutions become outdated which leads to a misalignment in what is being offered to customers across platforms



  • SEO

  • What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

    Increasing the visitors to a website, or in other words, improving the placement of the website as it appears on the search engines

  • Facebook Ads

  • What is Facebook Ads

    Depending on a brand’s purpose, Facebook ads can be in a couple of different forms

  • Google Ads

  • What is Google Ads?

    As its name might suggest, Google Ads is the advertisement service created by Google search engine

  • Social Media Marketing

  • What is Social Media Marketing?

    Social media marketing (SMM) is a type of internet marketing which depends on the social media platforms and websites to promote a product

  • Growth Hacking

  • What is growth hacking?

    Growth hacking is the general term for strategies whose only purpose is growth

  • Web Analytics

  • What is web analytics?

    Web analytics is observing what the visitors of a website do when they land on the site



  • Rapid Prototyping

  • What is rapid prototyping?

    Prototyping is an important part of the development cycle which gives people the chance to test any idea without having to build it

  • Evolutionary Prototyping

  • What is evolutionary prototyping?

    Evolutionary prototyping is creating a prototype in increments and in coordination with the customer

  • Design Prototyping

  • What is design prototyping?

    The prototyping process can best be described as a draft version of a product that is due to be released



  • Ideation Workshops

  • What is an ideation?

    Ideation is the most exciting part of the whole design process where creativity and idea generation are the main goals

  • UX/UI Design

  • What is UX/UI Design?

    They might always be used together within the generic UX/UI term, but they are actually very different

  • Branding

  • What is branding?

    Branding is creating the professional profile of a business

  • Ecommerce Platforms

  • What is e-commerce?

    E-Commerce is known as the electronic commerce or internet commerce where all actions such as buying, selling, and transferring money and transaction data, all take place online

  • Content Development

  • What is content development?

    Content development can best be described as generating website content, press-releases, newsletters, articles, blogs, and other content to be used as part of marketing campaigns depending on the needs of any client

  • Design Language

  • What is a design language?

    A design language is a set of rules, guidelines, patterns and overall approach used in order to achieve a consistent product with a good customer experience

  • Mobile/Responsive Design

  • What is Mobile/Responsive Design?

    A mobile/responsive design approach is where the website is designed and developed in a way to respond to end-user’s actions and the existing conditions such as the size of the screen and the screen orientation



  • Frontend

  • What is Front End Development?

    Front end development is all about what the users see on their screen when they open a website or an application

  • Backend

  • What is Backend Development?

    Backend development is the server side development, which is generally regarded as the skills that power the web

  • VR/AR

  • What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

    Virtual reality is a computer generated simulation environment where the user, with the aid of special electronic equipment, is placed inside a virtual world

  • iOS/Android

  • Content Management

  • What is content management?

    In order to carry out a powerful digital marketing strategy, your website needs to be up to the most recent standards and updated continuously

  • Styleguides

  • What is a styleguide?

    A styleguide is a set of rules that guide different contributors, across different channels, to create consistent content that will populate a website

  • Ecommerce

  • What is ecommerce?

    Ecommerce; in other words electronic commerce or internet commerce, is the set of actions that form a commercial transaction which takes place over the internet such as buying and selling of products or in some cases services

  • iOS Mobile App Development Agency

  • Mobile iOS App

    Whether you are an individual wishing to showcase your talent on the web or you are a small business looking for better interactivity with your customers, a mobile app is what you need

  • Android App Development Company


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