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What is content management?

In order to carry out a powerful digital marketing strategy, your website needs to be up to the most recent standards and updated continuously. Creating content and managing what goes on a website from its individual elements to its design, and the media assets is a big task, and requires a lot of time. Thanks to CMS software, this process is made much easier and quicker.

Managing content covers the general management of digital content such as the collection, delivery, improvement, storage, deletion, progressive management and publishing of digital information of any type.

Digital content will generally be in the form of text and multimedia files; images,audio & video files.

  • How can you manage content?

    Content management is the process of organizing and strengthening the digital content which will be used many times.

  • What are Content Management Systems (CMS)?

    Content Management Systems are software applications that enable us to create, and manage digital content that goes into a website, in order to keep things updated all the time. These software apps are used to store, maintain, revise and publish info.

    Most popular CMS is WordPress, used by almost 30% of the whole internet, and about 60% of all CMS websites. But there are a lot of different alternatives to choose from, depending on the features that we want in a website.

  • How to choose a content management system?

    When it comes to choosing a content management system (CMS), there are a lot of things to consider. Some main functionalities to look for are:

    1. Easy to use interface
    2. Efficient search tool
    3. Strong features in general
    4. Flexibility in design aspect
    5. Security
    6. Ability to Integrate with 3rd party APIs
    7. Multi-site management (ability to manage multiple sites from a single dashboard)
    8. Solid deployment plan (deployment infrastructure)
    9. Multiple language support

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