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Whether you are an individual wishing to showcase your talent on the web or you are a small business looking for better interactivity with your customers, a mobile app is what you need.

At the moment mobile apps can be made for use on an Android and/or iOS mobile device. As a matter of fact, social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp can be found on both Android and iOS mobile devices.

However, if you want to know more about the process of iOS app conceptualization, design, and development, you are in the right place!

This is a guide on how to start off the development of an iOS app as a beginner and also why you should seek the assistance of an iOS app development agency.

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  • What is a Mobile İOS App?

    If you use an iOS-powered mobile device like an iPhone or iPad, then you must have noticed some cute looking icons on the screen of your iOS mobile device. Well, those attractive little icons are known as software applications or apps for short.

    So in essence, a mobile iOS app is any software application that can be installed on your iOS mobile device. The installation of new iOS mobile apps on your mobile device more often than not takes place from the App Store.

    The App Store is Apple's version of the Google Play Store which is a virtual marketplace where Android mobile device users can download Android OS apps.

    All iOS apps fall under any of the two categories. The first category is made up of free-to-use iOS apps that can be downloaded from the App Store and installed for free on your iOS mobile device.

    The second category consists of those iOS mobile apps that are NOT free. These apps are PAID for before they can be downloaded and/or installed on your iOS mobile device.

  • How to Build a Mobile İOS App?

    If you are thinking of building your own iOS app from scratch, there are a few things you might want to know before you actually get started.

    Building your iOS app from scratch will usually involve the ten (10) processes highlighted below;

  • #1: Your iOS App Concept is Key:

    The first step in building your iOS app starts with a decision. You need to decide on what type of app you intend to build. Are you planning on building a game app? Or are you intent on developing a utility app? While there are quite a number of app options out there, the choice of which genre of app you choose to build rests with you.

  • #2: Come up with a Design:

    The next step in your iOS app building adventure involves you planning out your app design. There are many things to consider when you want to plan an app design. However, the main aspects you will need to plan out include; the mobile screen design, the layout, the app content, and monetization.

  • #3: You need a MAC PC:

    If you plan on building your own iOS app, you will need a fully functional MAC PC. You cannot build an iOS app using a Windows PC for example.

  • #4: Register with an iOS App Developer and Open an Account:

    You will have to register and open an active account with an iOS App Developer. This is necessary if you want to be able to test-run or launch your newly built iOS app on any iOS mobile device. You will also need to acquire a copy of XCode (more on this below) which can be obtained on your registered iOS App Developer Account.

  • #5: Get a Copy of XCode:

    What is XCode? Well, this is the IDE (integrated development environment) for the development of Objective C/iOS. XCode provides you with an easy to use iOS app development interface. It offers drag and drop functions which enhances the speed at which you can develop your screens. In addition, an iOS Simulator can be used to test-run your iOS app on a number of iOS mobile devices.

  • #6: Build your iOS App:

    Building your mobile iOS app or C/iOS Development can't be compared to say building a web application. There is an obvious difference even though the concepts of design programming and patterns may be similar. However, when it comes to testing the iOS app, then C/iOS Development offers something quite different from web application.

  • #7: Test-run your iOS App:

    In order to be sure that your iOS app functions properly, you will need to test-run it. At an iOS Simulator, you can easily test your iOS app on a variety of iOS mobile devices. You will see how your app will look when launched on the various iOS devices. But no matter how good an iOS Simulator can be, nothing beats testing your app for real on an iOS mobile device. If you are building an iOS mobile game app, then having to test the actual gameplay, functions, and features of your game app on an iOS mobile device is the way to go.

  • #8: Submit your iOS Application to the iOS App Store:

    Once you have developed your iOS app and you have carried out thorough testing of the app, the next thing you need to do is to submit an application to have your app published on the App Store. After submitting your application to the App Store, you will have to wait for approval before your app can be published.

  • #9: App Store Publishes your App:

    With the publishing of your newly developed iOS app by the App Store, it will be made available to the public. Anyone would be able to download your app directly from the App Store/iTunes from their iOS mobile device.

  • #10: Manage your iOS App:

    Manage your iOS App: After the publishing of your iOS app, you will need to properly manage and maintain it. This means keeping it up-to-date with the latest iOS updates as well as development trends. Your app needs to conform to the guidelines set by the App Store/iTunes. If your app is not keeping up with the guidelines, it can be removed iTunes as a consequence.

  • What are the Advantages of a Mobile App?

    Mobile apps offer a number of advantages to users. Some of the benefits are as follows;

    - Mobile apps launch and run much faster than web applications.

    - With mobile apps, you have access to more personalized user content.

    - Mobile apps tend to offer a seamless user experience for both online and offline use.

    - Device compatibility: Mobile apps allow you to make use of the features available on your mobile device.

    - Apps allow for instantaneous updates and push messaging facilities.

    - Apps are great brand ambassadors as they are a constant feature on the screen of mobile phones.

    - Apps can boost productivity and also minimize cost.

    - Apps are highly interactive and user-friendly.

    - Mobile apps can enhance the SEO of your website.

  • What are the Advantages of an iOS App?

    With iOS app development, you are open to a number of benefits. These include;

    - Your expected iOS app revenue will be much improved.

    - iOS apps usually have a tech-savvy audience eager to try them out.

    - iOS apps offer users an exceptional user-experience.

    - With iOS apps you can expect superior enterprise data security.

    - iOS apps offer easy testing and low fragmentation.

    - iOS apps are best suited to cater for every business requirement.

    - There is already an established stream of customers for iOS apps which ensures that the app owners get immediate patronage once the app is launched.

    - The expected standard for all iOS apps is very high. This assures you that the iOS App Development Agency you decide to work with will provide you with a top quality app.

  • What should you know before choosing an agency for your İOS App Development?

    Mobile app experts predict that by the fourth quarter of 2020, revenue in excess of USD$180 billion will be generated by mobile apps. This revenue is expected to be generated from the Apple App Store and also in-app advertising.

    It is also estimated that more than 2.1 million iOS apps are available in the App Store for iOS mobile device users to download. If you are considering choosing an iOS App Development Agency, you will need to be extra careful in ensuring that you are well served. Here are some pointers to consider before you decide on which app development agency to work with.

    1. Speed: Once you have a brilliant idea for your iOS app, you really need to get it across to an iOS app development agency as quickly as you can. The truth is, your brilliant app idea could be another person's brilliant idea which can rapidly make your idea obsolete. So reach out quickly to an agency and get your idea across.

    2. Go for an agency that cares: How do you know an iOS development agency that cares? Well, the agency will make enquiries about your iOS app concept and even offer advice on the necessities of your app. Avoid agencies that are quick to provide you with a quotation without attempting to know more about your app needs.

    3. Check out customer feedback: It is important that you check out the customer reviews of the iOS Development Agency you intend working with. Reviews will give you a fair idea if an agency is worth the effort or not.

    4. Consider the cost of development: Ultimately, the cost of developing your iOS app is really the bottomline. No matter how brilliant an iOS app idea is, you will still need to cough out a fair amount of money to have it come to fruition. Work within your budget at all times and go for an agency that offers a flexible payment plan.

    5. Time matters: Always consider the development timeline for your iOS app. Be clear on when you would want your app developed and delivered. Go for that agency that can guarantee it would deliver within your timeframe.

    6. Open and interactive: iOS app development agencies that keep an open, highly interactive relationship with third clients should be desired. Make sure that you are able to reach the app development team of the agency at any time and get a speedy response to all your enquiries.

    7. Design offering: The iOS app development agency you decide to choose should be able to offer you a variety of app designs that are user-friendly and highly interactive. The more versatile an agency is, the better it will be in meeting your needs.

    8. Cross platforming: Agencies that can develop mobile apps for both Android and iOS mobile devices are in high demand. It simply means that the app development agency consists of a team of experienced and highly skilled developers. This means that the firm is competent enough to satisfy all your requirements.

  • İOS Mobile App Development Prices – How much does it cost to build an iOS App?

    A basic iOS app will cost you somewhere around USD$30,000 to develop. However, if you want to develop a more advanced iOS app, you will need to budget as much as USD$50,000.

  • How Much Does It Cost to Make an iOS or Android App?

    On average it would cost you more to build an iOS app than it would build an Android app. The main reason for this is because iOS apps are more revered than Android since Apple App Store tends to provide iOS app owners more revenue than app owners on the Google Play Store app marketplace.

    As a matter of fact, 25% of iOS app owners earn an average monthly revenue in excess of USD$5,000 while only 16% of Android app owners earn a similar revenue. So as stated before, a basic iOS app will cost about USD$30,000 while an advanced app will cost about USD$50,000. For Android apps, the cost is significantly less for both basic and advanced apps.

  • How long will it take to build and launch your iOS App?

    It should take an average of 60 days or 2 months to develop and then launch your basic level iOS app. For advanced level iOS apps, it could take much longer than 60 days to perfect all the fine details before an actual launch.

  • Which features should be included in your İOS App?

    When conceptualizing your iOS app, you need to consider a lot of things. You should remember that technology is not static and there are advancements occuring on a daily basis. This is why it is important for you to select features for your iOS app development project that will enhance the value of your app.

    Working closely with the development team of an agency will help in clearly defining the requirements, functionality, and purpose of your iOS app which will determine the sort of features needed. However, here are a few features that you should seriously consider including in your app project.

    - Apple Pay

    - Apple Store Product Page

    - ARKit

    - Business Chat

    - Frameworks

    - Drag & Drop

    - Updates

    - Machine Learning & Vision

    - Enhanced Push Notifications

    - SiriKit

    - Swift Compiler in XCode 9

    - Phased Releases for Apple App Store

  • Do you need an App or not – How can you decide?

    The question of whether you need an iOS app or not is one best answered by you. However, if you have products you intend selling or you are working on a game project, for example. It would be worthwhile to build an app.

    If you intend to interact with your clients, an app can help make sure such interactions are stress-free and seamless. Apps also help with promoting your brand, something to also consider especially if you are functioning in a highly competitive industry.

  • What kind of support will you receive throughout the development process?

    Throughout the process of developing your iOS app, a competent iOS app development agency should offer you as much technical support as they can muster. You should be in the loop on the progress of the app development at all times.

    Your inquiries should be promptly attended to and this is not only after you have made the payment, but also before you have made any financial commitments to the project.

    Customer support is vital as you do not want to just pay for the services of the agency and receive your app after a period of time. You want to be involved in every single process, from start to finish.

    Saypr is an app development firm that carries its clients every step of the way to ensure that what they paid for is exactly what is delivered to them and more.

  • Will you own the source code of the App after launching?

    The source code of your iOS app is essentially yours to own. In the case of Saypr, every detail pertaining to how your developed iOS app source code is written and can be utilized is made clear in their iOS app development agreement.

  • Do you also build Web Applications for my mobile iOS App?

    Saypr is capable of building web applications that are fully compatible with your iOS mobile app. The versatility of this firm knows no bounds and you can be sure that any iOS app that is launched by Saypr will work seamlessly with other web applications.

  • Do you provide ongoing support, maintenance, and updates?

    Saypr offers regular customer and technical support to all clients. They also provide periodic maintenance as well as updates for every iOS app they develop and launch on the Apple App Store.

  • Why should you choose Saypr as you Mobile İOS App Development

    If you are looking for an iOS app development agency that will meet all your needs in terms of…

    - app conceptualisation,

    - framework,

    - design,

    - features,

    - cost,

    - development timeframe,

    - maintenance,

    - updates, and

    - support; then Saypr is the iOS app development agency that is just right for you.

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