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Brand Style Guide Design Service

What is a styleguide?

A styleguide is a set of rules that guide different contributors, across different channels, to create consistent content that will populate a website. The styleguide plays a key role in setting up a successful brand identity, where a uniform and consistent message is delivered to the audience through items having the same tone and point of view, which have been created via the use of a styleguide.

  • Why have a styleguide?

    Consistency is key when it comes to making business. A business must have a statement and every move should be supporting that statement. The customers look at the statement and the overall standing of businesses, and making random moves or appearing in different forms will definitely not be a good move in the eyes of the customers which in this case are the driving force of any given business. Without the interest from customers, no business can succeed. In order to catch the interest of customers, and make them spend money on your products or invest in your brand, there are a couple of important things.

    First of all you need a good product, which needs to be supported by a good marketing campaign. That on its own will not convince people to invest in your brand or products. You need a solid brand identity with a good statement and set of actions that support that statement. Your campaigns and tone of communication should be uniform throughout all platforms.

    A styleguide sets up a reference point which any content creator or editor will use for a uniform and consistent content no matter which channel they are working on. A styleguide makes sure that the content created will be consistent, have a smooth tone, distinct for that very specific brand and fun. Getting a consistent message across to the users or followers of the brand is very important. Once again, setting up all your operations to flow in a consistent way would give people something to rely on, and comfort them when it comes to purchasing your products or investing in your brand.

  • How does a styleguide improve your brand?

    A styleguide offers a unique look and feel across different channels and helps different content creators come up with similar products. They guide the design process so the outcomes have the same tone.

    A styleguide will set the design rules and how every design component will be used across all platforms for that same brand such as;

    1. Sets the guides and rules for the logo usage
    2. Sets the types and forms of logos to be used in different instances and the colors to be used
    3. Sets typographic standards
    4. Sets the tone of the images to be used
  • What to know before choosing an agency for a brand style guide design?

    When choosing an agency to get the brand style guide designed, the agency should fully understand your brand. The styleguide will play a key role forming a successful brand identity. It will help create the consistent feel of the brand and it will help preserve the same tone throughout different platforms for that brand. 

    The agency that will undertake this task should have previous experience on similar works. It is best to check their website to see the projects they delivered and see the type of clients they work with. This will help understand a bit more if that agency is capable of delivering you a valuable brand styleguide.

    Also, look at their popularity within the industry, where do they stand within the industry. If the initial impressions appear to be good and professional, then the works can begin.

  • Small To Medium Size Companies

    Usually, smaller companies will have a tendency to jump these steps and just move into getting a website designed and developed, but after we explain them about the importance of getting a styleguide for their company in the long run, they become more interested in the idea and consider getting help on that service that we provide.

    It is all about the vision really. Not every company comes to us with that mindset of getting a styleguide designed for them, but it falls onto our shoulders to help them see the downsides of not getting such a service done.

  • Large Size Companies

    Larger companies already have a bigger audience and they generally have a lot of ongoing campaigns at this point in their existence. It is not the best experience for the audience to see dramatical changes in the tone and style of any given business. 

    The best practice is to have large companies get their brand styleguides planned and completed early on in their existence to prevent such dramatic changes. If the brand styleguide is to be designed later on in their existence, then the tone should be kept similar to how it was previously. Any other missing brand elements should be designed and it’s usage planned-for at this stage. It must be kept in mind that the goal of getting the brand styleguide is to have a set tone for the brand with all of its elements matching that tone, everything should give the feeling as if they were created by the same person, although it is not. This way, the brand will have a consistent and uniform tone. Following the story that the brand is trying to give its audience, will be much easier to follow by the end users.

  • What is the cost of brand style guide design as a service from Saypr?

    The cost of getting a brand styleguide will depend on the time we put into the job. The more prepared a company approaches us, the cheaper it will be for them as it will shorten the amount of research we will have to do. Of course, the fact that a company does its homework before coming to us will not change the steps that we take in delivering such a service but since we will not have to explain them every single step and expect them to come back with a feedback, will speed up the whole process, and this in return will keep the overall price lower than someother company that has no idea of what they want to do, and keeps on changing their mind. Indecision will leave our team in the spot where we will do a lot more iterations till we agree on things with our client, and this will lenghten the durations and the cost of works done.


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