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What is design prototyping?

The prototyping process can best be described as a draft version of a product that is due to be released. Mostly done to show the possible investors and end-users a glimpse of the product. Things to be displayed in a prototype can either be in the form of user interface design, or functionality features; such as how the product will perform.

  • Which companies can choose design prototyping as a service from Saypr?

    A prototype is an early sample and an experimental release of a product. Usually done to test ideas and see if the process carried out is working or not. It is a good indicator of how the product will perform once it comes to the production stages. Prototypes enable the designers and the product owners which are the decision makers to see things for the first time and test on the performance of their proposed solutions. Prototyping is the stage where modifications are usually made.

    Any company building a product, this either be digital or physical doesn’t matter, will need prototyping for a better product to emerge at the end. It is always a good idea to visualize and feel what the proposed solution will look like and test it out. It is one of the critical phases of the overall production process. There can be very detailed prototypes or more general ones depending on the needs of the companies and the budget they have spared for this kind of a job.

  • Small To Medium Size Companies

    Usually, small to medium sized companies are interested in seeing what their product will look like, but have relatively small budgets, so the prototype they want becomes a less detailed model of the product they are craving to get built. The quality of the prototype does not change. However the time put into generating the prototype is the only attribute that changes with the budget. Our prototyping team here at Saypr usually generates more features than agreed to provide a better sample for the clients to understand, and from there on, once the prototyping process is agreed on, the development team can dive into the project and get it built straight away.

  • Large Size Companies

    Large companies come to us with bigger budgets to spend on prototyping. Usually, stakeholders at larger companies requires a much detailed prototype and model for their products, so a much more elaborate work is carried out. More resources and time is spent on generating the best prototype. Depending on the type of project, they will get the chance to download and test the prototype on their own devices such as their mobile phones if its a mobile app that we are developing for them. 

    The prototypes are first shown to them after a presentation by our team, as we do not want anyone to get stuck on any unnecessary detail that has no importance on the flow of the overall project. We explain to them what has been targeted and delivered from the prototype, and tell them to try and get the feel of the initial sample as it will evolve into the final product in the following stages of production.

  • How much will Design Prototyping cost your company?

    Just like the pricing of everything else in this industry, the prices depend on the amount of time and resource that goes into creating the prototype. This might turn out to be a very low amount for a rapid prototype to slightly higher amounts with the increasing level of detail and functionalities for that prototype. Depending on the requirements, and the limits of the clients, we offer them the best suiting option. Upon agreeing, we proceed with generating the prototype with all the creativity and expertise of our team.


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