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Evolutionary Prototyping
What is evolutionary prototyping?

Evolutionary prototyping is creating a prototype in increments and in coordination with the customer. This model of prototyping is heavily dependent on the feedback from the customer and generally starts by implementing the user interface  first.

A smaller scale prototype is built at first, and this is then improved after the back and forth feedback from the customer. Every time, the level of detail and functionality is increased, making the whole journey a much more detailed sample of what the final product will be.

  • What does the evolutionary prototyping cycle include?

    The evolutionary prototyping cycle consists of three major steps:

    • planning the prototype
    • developing the prototype
    • checking and evaluating the prototype

    These steps are carried out for as many times as is necessary. 

    When the customer and the development team are all happy with the level of the product, then this cycle can be broken and the solution can be deployed.

  • What makes evolutionary prototyping different from other prototyping alternatives?

    Evolutionary prototyping is focused on the most understandable aspects of the project, and should not be confused with rapid prototyping whereas rapid prototyping is focused on the least understandable aspects.

    Evolutionary prototyping is often used when the requirements and must-haves are often not known beforehand. Thus, by being gradually changed over time, evolutionary prototyping delivering a useable, well-thought and tested solution.


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