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Ideation Workshops
What is an ideation?

Ideation is the most exciting part of the whole design process where creativity and idea generation are the main goals. It requires concentration on generating as much and wide ideas as possible. This is the stage where every possible idea is evaluated and the better ones are used to produce a prototype which will end up becoming the product at the end of this process.

Ideation can also be used in developing new marketing campaigns or strategies to existing products. It does not need to be related with just new product or a new service that is about to be released.

  • What is an ideation workshop?

    These are workshops where people get together and do lateral thinking. Unlike the brainstorming sessions where most people are just physically present, these ideation workshops are very effective in generating new and creative ideas. Attendees are encouraged to navigate away from the traditional and accustomed practices and explore new and out of the box ideas. 

    These workshops can be regarded as very advanced brainstorming sessions where everyone has an input. In order to increase participation of the creative minds, there are group exercises which actually work effectively.

    Creativity is of course a great property to have in the people attending these ideation workshops but it should not be seen as a must. Not everyone has to be creative. Ideation and creative thinking are learnable and everyone with the will to generate better products should experience.

  • How will ideation workshops help me?
    1. Ideation workshops will shift your point of view to your users’ point of view. You will see things from their eyes thus, you will better understand what they expect from your product. It will make you question things, do broader thinking before taking any decisions
    2. Ideation workshops will help you to think outside the box and actually be on the more creative side, delivering innovative solutions
    3. Ideation workshops will help you get the best ideas and views of the team members
    4. Ideation workshops will help you visualize things that you would have never thought of.
    5. Ideation workshops will help you increase the alternatives (options) to your solutions
    6. Ideation workshops will help everyone else in your team to learn all the other stuff that is going through your mind, and maybe they can build on top of those ideas

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