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Design is an iterative process usually trying to find the best solution to a problem. Design uses typography, iconography, media elements (usually in the form of videos and images) to establish a visual communication through digital platforms. 

Design, in our case is digital design, which more likely consist of content such as website designs, mobile app designs, multimedia presentations, social media content designs, ads design, 2D & 3D modelling solutions. These are often carried out using specific design tools which are very powerful.

At Saypr, once the thorough brainstorming stages are completed, we crunch down to make as much as iterations for a design and try to find the optimal solution that will fulfil the client’s needs and will end up in a product that is fit for purpose.

  • Ideation Workshops

    Ideation is the most exciting part of the whole design process where creativity and idea generation are the main goals. It requires concentration on generating as much and wide ideas as possible. This is the stage where every possible idea is evaluated and the better ones are used to produce a prototype which will end up becoming the product at the end of this process.

    Ideation can also be used in developing new marketing campaigns or strategies to existing products. It does not need to be related with just new product or a new service that is about to be released.

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  • UX / UI Design

    They might always be used together within the generic UX/UI term, but they are actually very different. UX design is user experience design, whereas UI design is the user interface design. What they have in common is that they have to be in harmony to produce a successful IT product.

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  • Branding

    Branding is creating the professional profile of a business. It is making a business or a brand distinguishable from the other competition within that market. Branding is the identity, and the real representation of the business. It is the entire customer experience of the business. 

    Branding constitutes a business’ logo, its statement, its design and the overall looks. All the practices that are carried out in order to make a business identifiable, and stand out from the rest is branding.

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  • Ecommerce Platforms

    E-Commerce is known as the electronic commerce or internet commerce where all actions such as buying, selling, and transferring money and transaction data, all take place online. This process enables people to do business with literally anyone that has access to the internet without being bound to any time restrictions. E-commerce gives you the convenience of having your products available to the end user 24/7.

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  • Content Development

    Content development can best be described as generating website content, press-releases, newsletters, articles, blogs, and other content to be used as part of marketing campaigns depending on the needs of any client. Content development is an important part of successful content marketing strategies. It includes carrying out an extensive research, gathering of critical data, documenting and finally publishing the information. This is generally done as part of a marketing campaign or to keep in touch with the end-users of businesses. This content can be in the form of text, graphics, images, audio media, videos, recordings or any other digital asset.

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  • Design Language

    A design language is a set of rules, guidelines, patterns and overall approach used in order to achieve a consistent product with a good customer experience. Design language is the base on which you can build on in a much quicker and more efficient way. 

    The key to a fully functional product is following the guidance of a design language. 

    A design language requires a thorough research to be done in the beginning of the process, and the outcome; which is generally in the form of colours, typography, textures, element styles, layouts and methods, is applied over and over again to the whole business.

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Some Projects

/Our Design Process

  • 01Information Architecture

    Gathering the right stakeholders for the creative process to generate, develop, and communicate new ideas.

  • 02UX Wireframes

    Gathering the right stakeholders for the creative process to generate, develop, and communicate new ideas.

  • 03UX Prototype

    Gathering the right stakeholders for the creative process to generate, develop, and communicate new ideas.

  • 04UX Prototype

    Gathering the right stakeholders for the creative process to generate, develop, and communicate new ideas.

  • 05Design / UI

    Gathering the right stakeholders for the creative process to generate, develop, and communicate new ideas.

  • 06Design Prototype

    Gathering the right stakeholders for the creative process to generate, develop, and communicate new ideas.



  • What is Web, Graphic and UX Design?

    Web design and graphic design have a lot in common. Both require a good understanding of typography, graphics and design principles. After all, web design and graphic design are different directions with different concepts.

    UX (English User experience) - literally means "user experience". This means that this implies all the experience that the user receives when interacting with your site or application.

    UX design is responsible for the functionality, adaptability of the product and what emotions it uses among users. The simpler your interface, the easier it is for the user to get the result and complete the target action.

    UX design is the design of an interface based on research on user experience and behavior.

    Graphic Designer - aka UI Designer.

    UI designer is a user interface, it's a user interface.

    UX in translation means “experience of interaction” and includes various components: information architecture, interaction design.

    Web designers need to be sure that they understand how navigation elements, buttons, and other interactive elements.

    Web and graphic design is all visual. UI / UX designers in one bottle. Everyone must be good in one discipline.

  • Why are design services important and what are the benefits?

    More and more attention is paid to the design of the objects surrounding them. Graphic Designer.

    Graphic design is a type of contemporary art that consists in creating graphic objects (sheets, logos, business cards, websites) using different typesof graphics.

    The main idea of graphic design is combining aesthetic principles and functional tasks in one design.

    A person perceives 80% of information through vision. The correct visual presentation allows you to achieve more attention from the potential client. Graphic design includes other products that ultimately fall on it.

    Design emphasizes the image of the company. Graphic design. It is difficult to overestimate its significance.

    The image should be attractive, stimulate its manifestation of the necessary emotions. This is the aesthetic component in the design purpose.

    Must be effective. We must consider it and remember.

    This requires not only creativity, but also experience in understanding the technical tasks that have to be solved with the help of visualization.

  • What kind of companies can choose design as a service from Saypr?

    Saypr's graphic design solves many different problems with colors, shapes, images, compositions, and printers. Therefore, there are several types of graphic design. Typically, designers specialize in one industry, but today they must be flexible.

    cannot alone, without the help of a designer, convince a buyer to voluntarily part with money. And this inability is due to the lack of brains in commerce. It is all about the different ways of thinking and creativity.

    The way of thinking can be described as “grocery”. A businessman is able to keep in his memory and freely operate with endless lists of physical and operational characteristics of his own product, to know what are the subtleties and nuances that would be enough for 7 scientific articles.

    However, the consumer does not have to make a purchasing decision on the basis of a long list of options; he wants all the values, the product to be available in the form of a concise and convincing message for him. He had to kill himself.

    A graphic designer does not just translate the meaning of a business into a visual language. The logo that responsibility for success and for the implementation of the project lies at the heart of the collaboration between the designer and the customer, and only an understanding of the mutual cooperation.

  • Small To Medium Size Companies

    This year, the trends in small business development are contradictory. Large fonts, elegant illustrations, futuristic typography and vintage neon shades give endless scope for creativity. But how can small enterprises use all this?

    When it comes to developing marketing materials, the main idea is: for whom are we all developing? Before choosing a font, we must understand who you are and who you will sell to. Who is your audience (age, place of residence, income level)? What do you do (print media, social networks, video content), and how do you interact with this?

    Let's look at the material that resonates with your audience and pay attention to the general design elements. Let's see what your competitors are doing.

    Create user-friendly marketing content. Readability is always more important than style, but Saypr pays enough attention to the design elements that we have considered - and you are halfway to victory.

  • Large Size Companies

    How important is design for the establishment and development of a Big Business? The question, the answer to which is not at all as simple as it seems. The interaction of business and design is multifaceted and lies in the field of investment, organization of design management in the enterprise, determining the role of design specialists and their participation in the strategy for planning new products.

    Graphic design is an integral part of the corporate identity of any business, providing visual communication and consumer identification of your brand, products and / or services. It consists of visual and textual elements that have a certain uniform style that distinguishes you from competitors.

    Professionals should create graphic design, because we all remember that we are greeted by clothes. This means that the design should be of high quality, unique, recognizable, fashionable, evoke positive emotions, have trust, emphasize the status. Our experts have many years of professional experience in the field of creating both individual elements of graphic design and complex turnkey solutions. We follow modern trends in business design and are ready for the most daring solutions and non-standard tasks, the purpose of which is to help your business become recognizable.

  • How much will a design service cost you?

    Design can be considered the beginning, the first important step of each project, regardless of whether it is a business card or an entrance group. A project of any scale begins with a design presented to the customer as a layout. We believe that 80% of a project’s success depends on the first step, on design development, on ideas, and on well-thought-out technical processes.

    We regard design as a very important factor in decision making and in planning future production work.

    Our experts have an understanding of how the design developed by them will be implemented in the future, respectively, this improves the quality of the final product in the development of designs and layouts. That avoids unnecessary costs and errors.

    By the complexity of development, we can offer 3 levels, which make up the price:

    I level of difficulty: Creating a layout for the customer’s finished materials: sketches, detailed technical specifications, edited text materials, illustrations and photographs that do not require processing and refinement.

    Level II of difficulty: Creating a layout with the development of sketches, with the selection of fonts and illustrative materials from the photo bank, fund of the design studio, etc. The customer is provided with textual materials and (possibly) a certain set of illustrative materials that require some processing.

    III level of difficulty: Creating a layout "from scratch", only on the topic specified by the customer. Copywriter services, photography, exclusive illustrations are paid separately.

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