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Mobile / Responisve Design Service

What is Mobile/Responsive Design?

A mobile/responsive design approach is where the website is designed and developed in a way to respond to end-user’s actions and the existing conditions such as the size of the screen and the screen orientation. A website is responsive when its contents and general layout automatically shifts and responds in order to achieve the best look on different screen sizes. Currently, there are four different screen sizes which are:

  1. Widescreen desktop
  2. Small desktop(laptop)
  3. Tablet
  4. Mobile

  • Why is Mobile/Responsive Design important?

    Every user landing on your website should have the same experience, and should not have to adapt themselves to your website. It is important to design keeping mobile users in mind, where the layout for the site content is changed between different screen sizes. Considering that most of the internet browsing takes place through mobile devices, it will be a wise move to keep them in mind while designing.

    The answers to questions such as ‘can the layouts be modified to improve on the experience of mobile users?’ and ‘do the mobile users need to see everything on the website on their small screens?’ will be critical in defining the performance of your website. The site has to be seen by as many people as possible. All the marketing efforts and campaigns are focused on maximizing the reach to customers, and hopefully converting them, so why have a restricted experience for mobile users. The best way to overcome this is to remove all the unnecessary details and show the mobile users the information that matters the most. This way, our chance of attracting them is higher.

    Once the content is optimized, the second step is to make sure that what is shown on the site will be responsive and will fit perfectly on whatever screen the user is on. A consistent website will help with lead generation, conversions and potential sales. 

    When responsive design approach is taken, then the development will take place accordingly and this will enable us to carry out all the analytics stuff via a centralized, single source. This approach will also reduce the need of content management and eliminate unnecessary time-loss and costs. Finally, having your website be responsive will have a positive impact on your credibility and place you ahead of your competition who are not following this concept.

  • Why is it good to have Mobile/Responsive Design?

    A mobile/responsive design approach will have a guarantee that any user no matter which device they are using to browse your website will have the same experience. The mobile users will only get to see the most critical and needed elements of the website. Being constant throughout will support a good image, and also, it is awarded by google. A mobile/responsive website will rank higher according to the Google search engine algorithms.

  • Which companies can choose this service from Saypr?

    Any company that has a website, and wants to provide a good user experience should consider getting the mobile version of their website. In fact, the mobile version might even be more important for some companies depending on their target audience. Up until the 2015s, the importance of the mobile first approach was not that big. But with the changes to Google’s algorithm in 2015, having a mobile version of your website became a must in order to appear on a higher level in the search engine. Many companies rushed in to get their websites redesigned to be responsive/user-friendly, and to get as close to the optimal experience as it gets.

    Happy customers should be on the top of the list for any company that wants to be successful, and to achieve this, a company has to provide its customers with a good user experience. The platforms that the company is offering should be easy to use and understandable. Any user that gets confused or loses their trust in your platform for any reason, will be gone to your competitors. Mobile experience is probably one thing that every company nowadays should prioritize when it comes to their online presence as most of the users are using mobile devices to browse the internet nowadays. It is known that more than 60% of the online searches these days come from mobile devices, and it is very unlikely that will be reversed. So, to sum up, paying extra attention to the user experience of handheld devices and providing a user friendly platform throughout different screen sizes is critical in this day and age.

  • Small to medium size companies

    The importance of responsive web design is crucial for any company regardless of their size. Providing your audience with the best user experience and satisfying them no matter what device they use your platform/site from should not change. Thus, designing and developing a single site that will respond to the user’s device, with a single content source will be very beneficial for any company. And to smaller companies as well, because there is no need for creating an additional build or an app for the handheld devices. For smaller companies that really need the money to survive (especially on their initial years), the responsive design concept is very helpful because it does not bump the price up so high. 

    For smaller companies, the cost of customer acquisition is very important and they always work towards lowering that price. Now that they have a customer visiting their digital platform/website, they want to keep them there and have them spend time within the platform/website. If the customers feel that they are not clear of what is going on with the platform and if they feel lost, there is no chance that they will return to using that platform/website ever again. So why risk it?

    Also, we believe that smaller companies would love to appear higher on search engines. Thanks to the mobile friendly, responsive web design, this is possible.

  • Large size companies

    You can’t find any large company that would accept an awkward website, or at least that should be the case. The image of large companies is very important and they obviously do not want to damage that image, so most of them want to stay on top of their game all the time in whatever aspect of the business they are dealing with. This includes having a good looking website with a flexible layout that works across different devices, with no zoom or scroll issues that would ruin the overall user experience. 

    With everyone prioritising user experience these days, it would be a big mistake not to show the attention it needs on this topic.

  • How much will Mobile Responsive Design cost your company?

    Mobile responsive design will require the designs of the smaller screens to be done as well. And since this will increase the amount of time it takes our design team to finish the job, the price will go up a bit. But overall, it should not be exaggerated because the difference between getting a regular design service and one with a full mobile responsive designs will not be great.


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