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What is UX/UI Design?

They might always be used together within the generic UX/UI term, but they are actually very different. UX design is user experience design, whereas UI design is the user interface design. What they have in common is that they have to be in harmony to produce a successful IT product.

  • What is UX Design?

    The ‘design’ within name might bring in to many people’s mind the usual design process where the focus is on graphics. But in reality, user experience is the design of the functionality and the experience of the end-user. The experience should be as smooth as possible.  

    The UX designer has to be aware of what end-users want from the product, and they must try to create a consistent experience throughout. The main focus will be on creating a usable and adaptable product.

  • What is UI Design?

    The user interface design is focusing on the style, the looks, the colors, the typography and the graphics in general. It is all about the overall feel of a design. The key is to design so that the end-user finds the product easy and fun at the same time. They should enjoy their interaction with the product, otherwise they will not return. 

    User interfaces are how the users interact with the designs and the product. So they have to be easily understandable by everyone. They should be aligned with the functionality aspects mentioned in the UX design section. Only then, we can deliver a great product to the end-user.

  • How to deliver a product with a good UI Design?

    Delivering a good and successful user interface design will require the design team to be working in good harmony. This would mean having a strong connection between the UX and UI designs. 

    UI designs need to be simple, clear, straight to the point, good looking, consistent, understandable, giving feedback, as direct as possible and it should give the feeling of being user controlled and nothing else.


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