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Social Media Marketing
What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM) is a type of internet marketing which depends on the social media platforms and websites to promote a product.  The aim is to generate content that users will interact with and share, in an attempt to increase the brand awareness as well as increasing the reach of the brand as much as possible. 

Trackability is important for businesses, so most of these social platforms comes with their own data analytics tools that make it possible to track the performance of the practices followed.

Social media marketing (SMM) also makes a business closer to its customers, where the customers and even potential customers can contact and interact with the business through comments, reviews, and etc. These are often known as earned media and are influential on other potential customers.

  • How does Social Media Marketing work?

    Within the last decade, our buying habits have changed on a large scale, and are ever changing. Most people start their shopping experience online, and this puts pressure on businesses that deal with retail. These changes in behaviour force every business to have an online presence, and actually an active and well thought out one too. In most cases, a successful approach might need to go through increased visibility. This passes through a professional digital marketing strategy where the social media marketing is of top priority. 

    It is all about choosing the right social platforms and strategies to attract, convert, and satisfy the target audience which will bring the boost that every business needs to keep going.

    With such a high social media usage, a business will definitely miss out on potential customers if they don’t carry out social media marketing.

    One other benefit of practicing social media marketing is that it helps other marketing campaigns as well.

  • How to measure the performance of Social Media Marketing?

    Set your social targets:

    It is important to have set targets to where you are aiming at. This is the first and probably one of the most critical steps that you need to nail in the beginning.

    1. Set your metrics that you will measure your social targets

    This is the step where you need to match the targets with measurable metrics.

    1. Start measuring the progress 

    Start measuring the metrics that fall into your interest and are aligned with your targets. Then use tools which measure those metrics.

    1. Continuous monitoring and reporting on findings

    Report everything, use these first recordings as a base and build all your data on top of it, while keeping the first recordings as the benchmark.

    1.  Make the necessary touches and repeat the whole process  

    Assess your measurement techniques and values, and see if there is anything that needs improving and work on those. Once you are satisfied with playing around with the metrics and mastering your findings, then repeat the whole process.


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