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The development of digital marketing systems since the beginning of the new millennium, prompted a slow but sure shift for businesses towards using technology and technological solutions for marketing purposes. With digital platforms occupying a large part of our daily lives, it's not hard to understand why digital marketing became so popular within a short time. It is a complementary element to every marketing campaign out there, which ensures that the campaign does the job and reaches the target audience. At Saypr, we make sure to set realistic targets with our customers and set out the plan and achievable milestones so that the campaign always stays on a high and always improves in results towards a better outcome.

We mainly focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Growth Hacking and Web Analytics topics. Everyone has a different approach when it comes to implementing these topics, but we tend to stay on the more flexible side and try to react to changes accordingly.

  • SEO

    Increasing the visitors to a website, or in other words, improving the placement of the website as it appears on the search engines. This is not a paid placement, rather it relates to the unpaid results. 

    In an attempt to increase the placement and ranking of a website, the owner is aiming at improving the number of visitors from a search engine. These visitors are potential customers that can be converted into paying customers possibly with other strategies that go parallel with the SEO practices.

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  • Facebook Ads

    Depending on a brand’s purpose, Facebook ads can be in a couple of different forms. It can promote a brands’ Facebook page, the content posted on the Facebook page, the set of actions taken by users, and even brands’ own website. There is a tendency for Facebook to keep the traffic on its own platform but it is possible to divert users to a separate website.

    Personal information such as the location of users, their specific profile information and demographics are used by Facebook ads to target ads. 

    All a brand has to do to set up a Facebook ad is to come up with an ad or a post, then set the budget they want to spend on that ad, and after a couple of clicks, the Facebook ad is ready and live.

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  • Google Ads

    As its name might suggest, Google Ads is the advertisement service created by Google search engine. By using this service, advertisers get to display their website on the results page of the search engine. This is a paid service and will be in effect right away, without waiting to organically move up the search engine rankings. What advertisers can display on these paid ads can vary from small product or service listing ads to short videos, and even mobile app installations. 

    Google Ads is a pay-per-click service which is easily customizable and is widely used by many businesses.

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  • Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing (SMM) is a type of internet marketing which depends on the social media platforms and websites to promote a product.  The aim is to generate content that users will interact with and share, in an attempt to increase the brand awareness as well as increasing the reach of the brand as much as possible. 

    Trackability is important for businesses, so most of these social platforms comes with their own data analytics tools that make it possible to track the performance of the practices followed.

    Social media marketing (SMM) also makes a business closer to its customers, where the customers and even potential customers can contact and interact with the business through comments, reviews, and etc. These are often known as earned media and are influential on other potential customers.

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  • Growth Hacking

    Growth hacking is the general term for strategies whose only purpose is growth. Growth hacking is carried out via creative and inexpensive strategies in an attempt to maximize growth in a very short period of time.

    In order to gain competitive advantage over the competition, the steps taken or strategies followed by any growth hacker is primarily focused on growth.

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  • Web Analytics

    Web analytics is observing what the visitors of a website do when they land on the site. This practice is part of CRM(customer relationship management) analytics and is mainly about getting an insight on what people do in the website, help guide the business to attract more people to the site hoping to convert more into paying customers, keep existing customers, and try to improve the spending of customers on the website.

    Web analytics is more of observing the patterns and trying to determine whether a previous customers will purchase that product again, or monitoring the dollar volume of paying customers. 

    The purpose is to encourage different customers with something specific that they are more likely to be interested in, showing them more targeted stuff and things that they will want to buy.

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Some Projects

/Our Design Process

  • 01Information Architecture

    Gathering the right stakeholders for the creative process to generate, develop, and communicate new ideas.

  • 02UX Wireframes

    Gathering the right stakeholders for the creative process to generate, develop, and communicate new ideas.

  • 03UX Prototype

    Gathering the right stakeholders for the creative process to generate, develop, and communicate new ideas.

  • 04UX Prototype

    Gathering the right stakeholders for the creative process to generate, develop, and communicate new ideas.

  • 05Design / UI

    Gathering the right stakeholders for the creative process to generate, develop, and communicate new ideas.

  • 06Design Prototype

    Gathering the right stakeholders for the creative process to generate, develop, and communicate new ideas.



  • Digital Marketing Agency Service

    Founded in New York City in 2011 and subsequently incorporated in London, UK, Saypr identified and now fills a need for clever and sophisticated digital solutions in a rapidly developing and changing marketplace, assisting international and national organizations of many kinds to communicate effectively and reach out to consumers via the internet. We push the boundaries of current technology, to benefit you. Saypr is headquartered in London and has offices in New York City and San Francisco.

  • Digital Marketing Service

    Over the years there has been a transformation in marketing strategy formulation by small, medium, and even large multinational corporations.

    Since the internet came into prominence in the '90s, there has been a shift in emphasis from traditional marketing strategies to digital marketing.

    The main reason behind this colossal transformation in marketing is because of the ever-growing use of the internet by virtually everyone.

    Every demographic group spends a considerable amount of time on the internet, making it a viable ground for businesses to promote their brand, products, and services.

    With a large target audience and customer base to tap from, it is no wonder that digital marketing is seen as the future of marketing by most people.

  • What is a digital marketing agency?

    A digital marketing agency is a firm that is able to formulate, coordinate, implement, and manage all your digital marketing needs.

    They are experts in online marketing and their competence extends to websites, social media, and also web advertising.

    A digital marketing agency will help promote your business regardless of its size and scope of business. This agency helps in promoting your brand in a way that you get a huge number of targeted traffic to your business.

    The idea behind this is to build brand loyalty amongst your customers, boost turnover and sales revenue.

    Digital marketing agencies are able to carry out their job through the use of basic to advanced level digital tools.

    These digital tools are interactive, specifically targeted, and definitely measurable to know their effectiveness in achieving the set digital marketing goals.

    A digital marketing agency is one that is able to manage the online marketing drive of your business.

    By combining several elements of digital marketing, agencies are able to meet your digital marketing expectations and even exceed them.

    Some of the digital marketing elements worth highlighting include;

    - Website Design,

    - Content,

    - Pay-per-Click (PPC) ads,

    - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO),

    - Social Media,

    - Data reporting,

    - Lead generation,

    - Development of digital marketing strategy

  • Why is digital marketing important?

    Digital marketing is important for several reasons, some of these reasons include;

  • #1: Its the Future:

    Without a doubt, the future of marketing is digital marketing. It, therefore, makes no sense in you sticking to traditional marketing strategies in this day and age. If you do that, you will never optimize your business and you are most likely going to fall further down the pecking order in your industry.

  • #2: Brand Awareness:

    Unless you intend to sell your products and services only to friends and family, you really need to deploy digital marketing strategies. You are most likely going to exponentially raise the awareness of your brand amongst your intended target when you engage in digital marketing. When lots of people know that your business exists, it is the first step in the growth of a business.

  • #3: Increased Traffic:

    With digital marketing, you are more than likely to have an increase in traffic to your business. This includes both your online as well as offline business presence. Digital marketing focuses on your target audience which is determined by certain strategic demographic parameters.

  • #4: Lead Generation:

    With a large number of people trooping to your website, blog, online store, or even a brick and mortar store, you will be in a better position to convert these leads into genuine customers.

  • #5: Brand Loyalty:

    Digital marketing is capable of boosting brand loyalty amongst your customers. When you generate leads and these leads purchase your products or try out your services, they are likely to become repeating customers and be loyal to your brand. With a well managed, interactive social media, you can further enhance your relationship with your customers.

  • #6: Improved Sales Turnover:

    With digital marketing, your sales turnover is more than capable of being enhanced. The whole point of being in business is to make sales, that's the bottom line.

  • #7: Enhanced Margins:

    When you have improved sales, your margins are also expected to get a corresponding uplift.

  • How can you measure digital marketing success?

    The success of any digital marketing campaign can be measured in both short-term and long-term gains. Short-term gains have to do with the monetary success that the campaign provides. This is always the first consideration for most businesses when it comes to the effectiveness of online marketing.

    However, the long-term gains of digital marketing would include short-term monetary achievements as well as other more tangible successes like brand loyalty.

    To measure how successful a digital marketing campaign has been or not, you have to consider the following;

    Conversion Rate: The conversion rate metrics considered include;

    - the number of online sales generated,

    - the rate of online-to-store sales generated,

    - the number of leads generated from web forms,

    - the number of leads leading to sales generated from phone calls, and

    - the number of leads generated from live chats

    Your Website-to-User Behavior: Your website-to-user behavior metrics that are important include;

    - the number of visitors to your website,

    - the number of page views made per visits to your website,

    - the average time that a visitor spends on your website, and

    - the bounce rate which is the rate at which visitors leave your website due to a poor loading speed for example.

  • How long does it take to see the results of your digital marketing efforts?

    With regards to online marketing, you cannot place an actual timeframe for results. The truth is, results rarely occur at an almost instantaneous rate. You should know that there are agents who can automate content, manipulate links and even utilize black-hat SEO strategies in order to derive tentative results.

    However, the true result of your digital marketing campaign cannot be measured that way. What you want are genuine traffic, leads, serious customers, brand loyalty, repeat customers, and enhanced margins. So if these are the type of results that you want, it is not going to happen overnight.

    It is the long-term online marketing strategy that inevitably pays dividends, not short-term monetary result based campaigns. In other words, digital marketing is a long-term exercise.

    Any digital marketing agency that promises you quick results intends cutting corners and you really should be wary of that firm. In some cases, it may take several months before you start to get tangible results from your online marketing campaigns. On average this may be anywhere between six (6) and twelve (12) months.

  • How does a digital marketing agency work? What is a digital marketing agency doing?

    In summary, digital marketing agencies carry out the following activities;

    - They help in designing your website or evaluate an already built website to enhance traffic to the site.

    - They decide on the best possible virtual platforms to invest in.

    - They manage all marketing campaigns and provide measured results from the campaigns. Although digital marketing outputs can be controlled and even guaranteed, resulting in outcomes really cannot.

    - Digital marketing agencies offer value-added specialized services that extend to all elements of online marketing including SEO, social media, and so on.

    - SEO is a primary digital marketing strategy deployed by agencies. It is an effective strategy that most digital marketing agents like to engage in.

    - Digital marketing firms also make use of PPC, Email marketing, and Social media marketing strategies when developing an online marketing campaign for their clients.

  • Why is digital marketing important, and what are the benefits?

    A full-service firm, Saypr’s dynamic team of young, enthusiastic designers will sense the pulse of your business, and shape concepts that will memorably promote and market your product or service. We bring fresh and visionary ideas from concept to finalization, and pursue novel and unconventional approaches to markets with confidence, and to great effect.

    In a world where our senses are constantly bombarded, and attention is often interrupted or divided, the memorability of your communication is of incalculable worth. We make an impact that people don’t forget.

    Businesses of any size can benefit from digital marketing, which:

    • Allows businesses to access to mass marketing at an affordable price
    • Permits truly personalized marketing - unlike print and television advertising
    • Helps businesses generate higher revenues
    • Betters conversion rates through the use of proven digital marketing strategies
    • Cuts response time of interactions between marketers and end-users
    • Reaches target audiences in a cost-effective, measurable way
    • Collects data accurately, and automatically
    • Affords greater exposure of a business’s products and services
    • Is simple to optimize; needed changes are easily identified and quickly incorporated
    • Count clicks automatically, providing measurable results for every promotion
    • Is universally accessible to consumers from any computer or mobile device
  • What kind of companies can choose digital marketing service from Saypr?

    Saypr has an experienced team whose work has satisfied the needs of such major national and international firms as Google, Microsoft, Rokkan, R/GA, Monitise Create, J.P. Morgan Chase, Nike, Reebok, RBS, Beats by Dre, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, Starbucks, Ford, Heineken, Jack-in-the-Box, Cathay Pacific, and Shell. And that is just a sampling.

  • Small To Medium Size Companies

    Thinking ‘outside the box’ is our specialty. Saypr has committed itself to providing our clients - ALL our clients, small, medium or large - with the very best web development services.

    Small companies can depend on us. Saypr will work closely with your company on

    Strategy: Digital Strategy, Brand Strategy, Market Research, Omni Channel

    Marketing: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Growth Hacking, Web Analytics

    Prototyping: Rapid Prototyping, Evolutionary Prototyping, Design Prototyping

    Design: Ideation Workshops, UX/UI Design, Branding, Ecommerce Platforms, Content Development, Design Language, Mobile/Responsive

    Development: Frontend, Backend, VR/AR, iOS/Android, Content Management, Styleguides, Ecommerce

    Small to medium sized companies can gain name recognition and build reputation while utilizing the very same memorable digital marketing advantages employed by large companies. Our fees are reasonable, fair, and worth every penny. We are proud that 60% of our client base consists of small to medium sized companies and organizations.

    Digital marketing will provide small and medium-sized businesses “a leg up” on moving product, increasing conversions, and improving revenues.

    Saypr will work with you to develop your brand, expand your target audience and make your company stand out from others in your market.

    At Saypr, we treat all our clients equally, which means your work will never take a backseat to that of a larger firm. (You can hang with the Big Boys without fear of penalty for size.)

  • Large Size Companies

    Large size companies will feel right at home. We work with the best of the best of national and international corporations.

    In fact, 40% of our client list is made up of large to very large organizations.

    Our design team will ferret out weaknesses in your current marketing strategies and determine how to most effectively communicate your company’s unique attributes.

    We’ll capture greater numbers of views with top-notch SEO strategies, and build and reinforcing customer loyalty through ease of website use. We will provide truly interesting website content, and add to your interactive capabilities, overall attractiveness, and increase responsiveness to your existing customers and prospects.

    Saypr’s team will create captivating content and exciting visual experiences, polishing your brand and work with you to open up new markets.

  • How much will digital marketing service cost?

    Our pricing is fair, and reflective of the market. While costs are tailored to the size of the job, Saypr’s average minimum price hovers around $5,000 for a typical project, with scale and service desired determining the final cost.

    Cost is best appreciated in terms of results. When evaluating a cost-benefit analysis of Saypr’s involvement with your company, take into account the fact that our digital marketing strategies are intended to increase company revenues while reducing and redirecting inefficient communications that are costing your company daily by missing the mark. Increased cost-efficiency invariably results in larger profits.

    Our job is to help you succeed.

    Saypr teams in London, New York and San Francisco invite your inquiry.

    Let’s talk.

    Request a Saypr quote online at - or reach out in person to meet with a Saypr representative in our San Francisco, New York, or London office.

  • What do you have to know before choosing digital marketing service?

    Google Saypr, and learn why we are known for Crafting Digital Excellence. Read our client reviews. Visit us at to view our clients, peruse our portfolio, and take a look at our awards and achievements, which include the

    U.K.’s Favorite Website Awards (FWA) - “Where you go to experience cutting-edge innovation in digital design and development.” - Two (2) commendations

    Awwwards - “The Website Awards that recognize and promote the talent and effort of the best developers, designers and web agencies in the world.” - Seven (7) commendations

    Cannes Silver Lions International Festival of Creativity - A global event, this is the “largest gathering of the advertising and creative communications industry,” held every June in Cannes, France. Each Silver Lion awarded is a prestigious award - “a global benchmark for creative excellence” - and Saypr has won two (2) Silver Lions!

    Superbowl Campaigns - Saypr has executed two (2) Superbowl campaigns. The job of creating the one for Jack-in-the-Box was documented, from start to finish (see the documentary, “A 19-Day Marathon to a Superbowl Campaign” on You Tube, at:

    You need to know that at Saypr, your needs are paramount. And we are qualified to deliver superior results.

    Before making the decision to expend company resources on a particular digital marketing program, you need to check off a number of questions, such as:

    • Who are their previous clients? Do they have experience with my type of business?
    • Do they work with any of our company’s competitors?
    • Can they work with me to set appropriate goals and expectations?
    • Do I understand how this digital marketer evaluates a successful campaign?
    • How versatile is this company? Do they offer the right capabilities toreally help?
    • Will work on my business account be outsourced?
    • Will personalities of the digital marketing team mesh with those of our business representatives?
    • How often will we be able to meet? Are they available for questions and problems?
    • Is there an organized format for our meetings?
    • Will I be allowed adequate time to review the contract before signing?
    • What will the ramp-up include? What services will be included each month?
    • When can I expect results?
    • Who is responsible for developing content?
    • Will they coordinate with the company website?
    • Will they help me build my brand?
    • Do they have designers on staff? Will they be the ones developing strategy?
    • Will they report on metrics? What can they measure and report on?
    • Will they help with a social media strategy?
    • Can they help with our company website?
    • How will they enhance our conversion rates?
    • Can I review their past successes?
    • How will they review and report on progress?

    The questions you have should be written out and discussed at length - these are just a few example of the answers your need to arrive at a decision - particularly if you are shopping for a long-term relationship with the digital marketing firm you will select. At Saypr, we are more than happy to provide you with examples of successful campaigns, point out many delighted clients, and answer every question you may have.

    Check us out online at - many of our most successful designs and online digital marketing campaigns are featured, in depth.

  • How do we create your digital marketing strategy?

    Once you contact us online at we will start by examining your needs and learning your goals. We will locate areas where we can focus to expand your growth, and then tailor a digital marketing strategy to accomplish your aims, whether full Website development, working on your branding strategy, develop a project, or perform any number of other services.

    Saypr’s approach is goal-oriented and focused; our turn-around is timely. We exist to promote your objectives. Using intelligent, state-of-the-art technology and design, our intention is to provide your company with sophisticated website development and digital marketing strategies.

    We deal in results. Contact us.

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