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What is web analytics?

Web analytics is observing what the visitors of a website do when they land on the site. This practice is part of CRM(customer relationship management) analytics and is mainly about getting an insight on what people do in the website, help guide the business to attract more people to the site hoping to convert more into paying customers, keep existing customers, and try to improve the spending of customers on the website.

Web analytics is more of observing the patterns and trying to determine whether a previous customers will purchase that product again, or monitoring the dollar volume of paying customers. 

The purpose is to encourage different customers with something specific that they are more likely to be interested in, showing them more targeted stuff and things that they will want to buy.

  • How does web analytics work?

    Here’s briefly how web analytics tools work:

    • They inject a little javascript tracking code into a website, this code tracks visitors of the website and all of their actions on the website.
    • Then a cookie will be placed into the user’s browser, to help track what the user does on the website.
    • Once the user takes an action as simple as clicking a link, then the users information which is often in the form of a URL is passed on to the analytics tool. 
    • The user information carried within this URL include things such as the browser language, visited page name, device that the user accessed the website, the screen resolution
    • And finally the ID associated with the analytics tool.
    • The different types of hits are; pageview, event, transaction and social hits, and these are how the information is passed on to the analytics too.
  • How can Web Analytics help your business?

    Web Analytics can definitely help any business to take better decisions by giving the business better insight of how their customers interact with the business, what their customers do on their website, and what is the general tendency of the customers that land on the website. It is all about these insights, where the business can analyze and improve their website to fulfill the needs of their customers. User specific data such as where they are visiting your website from, what source every user is from, and the different keywords used by users in landing on your website. 

    Let’s not forget that the main purpose of all these digital marketing and all the other side efforts is to increase leads, and the conversions. In order to achieve that, the data from web analytics can be further analyzed.

  • What are the key web analytic metrics to track?

    Depending on the size and goals of a business, a decision on which analytics metrics should be tracked and acted on should be determined, otherwise there is a lot of different metrics that can be tracked and this is a very time consuming process. So it’s best to evaluate which metrics would be more effective for the business and progress on those. 

    • Time spent on the website: the average time that visitors stay on the website. It’s an indicator of the quality of the content, better user experience and a good online presence
    • Bounce rate: this shows which page people are leaving your website
    • Pages visited per user: this shows the number of pages every user lands on before leaving the website. The higher this number will show that the user finds more things that attracts their interest on your website
    • Contact form submissions: one primary goal of digital marketing and having your website is to convert users. This can be either in the form of sales (if it is an ecommerce website) or form submissions. The more contact form submissions a business gets, the better conversion rates they will have
    • Organic search referrals: if you have a good SEO, then you will have a high rank and thus will get free organic traffic that are actually interested in the products or services that your business provides. Web analytics can help in showing a business which keywords perform the best and which ones are bringing users to the website
    • Social sources: web analytics can help display how your social media presence and campaigns are affecting your website success

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