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Brand Strategy Service

What is Brand Strategy?

Brand management and positioning is critical in maintaining a long-term strategy in differentiating your products & services while establishing your customer profile. Consumers seek brands that they feel a connection with, they aren't buying a product, they are buying something they can be a part of. Establishing a clear and simple brand identity allows consumers to feel that immediate connection.

  • Saypr's approach to Brand Strategy

    Saypr acts as a guide towards promoting the optimal branding strategy exercises for the customers. Here at Saypr, we do things a bit different from other amateur approaches. We make sure every brand has a defining purpose rather than just setting out promises for one-off campaigns, and actually work hard with our clients to achieve this, and get this idea across to their own customers. This is a very beneficial step towards the sustainable growth and development of a brand. Walking this path is important, and needs to be consistent throughout the whole time. 

    In an attempt to emotionally bind customers to the brand, things need to be in a pattern, aligned with the general behaviour and the views of the brand. We also encourage brands to be flexible and relevant to the latest changes and conditions surrounding their business. It is not the wisest idea to have strict and harsh “no-no” rules within the brand. On doing these, we try to encourage our brands to have employee involvement that is actually aligned with the company’s views. And finally, we do our thing that we’re best at by; checking on competitors continually and try to predict where the trends are shifting, in order to guide our brands for stronger strategies. Brands that trust Saypr and get professional help from our award winning team will be amazed by the way they are treated, guided all along the way and the work ethic of our team. All these pay off with the positive outcomes. We love to see the smile on happy clients, and will do anything to keep it that way.

  • How to create a brand strategy road map?

    First of all, let us list out the road map and all the main steps to be taken for an effective brand strategy:

    1. Define your goals and all your business targets
    2. Define your target audience and study their behaviours thoroughly
    3. Define where you will position your business, and where you stand
    4. Set your brand basics; name, logo, colour palette, brand identity and brand slogan
    5. Choose your preferred sales channels to be used accordingly
    6. Create content that will perfectly describe you and help you get across what your business is all about to your target audience
    7. Create the strategies that will govern your messages to your target audience
    8. Get a cool website that is fit for purpose, i.e a website that will fulfil your needs and help grow your business

    So, yes! Having a digital strategy planned out and executed is very important.

  • What should a brand strategy include?

    In general, as described above; the brand strategy is the set of guidelines or in other words blueprints for a business. It is the brand strategy which defines the statement of a business, what it represents, as well as the personality and character of that very same business. The manoeuvres, sales and marketing strategies are all developed on top of the brand strategy and all work towards the same goal of expanding the business in a sustainable and successful way.

  • How to design brand strategy?

    Where do you want to see your business in the future? That is one good question to be answered before doing any work on strategy setting.

    Simply, make up your mind on what you like and whatnot and create your business targets according to that.  set your business rules, guides, maneuvers, sales and marketing strategies. These are all developed on top of a brand strategy and all work towards the same goal of expanding the business in a sustainable and successful direction.


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