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Strategy is the first step we take when starting a new project. It is the phase where we set targets and plan all the actions to be carried out in order to reach these targets. 

A thorough brainstorming session is carried out within the team, and with our client, bringing the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign, and plans for how to achieve these goals are made. This is an iterative process so will be done more than once, till we cover all the important aspects of the project.

  • Digital Strategy

    Defining a digital strategy can be overwhelming as technology continues to evolve. Selecting the right platform is critical for long term strategy as trends shift.

    Our goal is to make tough decisions easier by helping companies find success in the digital world by taking advantage of evolving technologies that align with your business model. Saypr has worked with a lot of different businesses from all sorts of fields, and experienced a lot in these various fields.

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  • Brand Strategy

    Brand management and positioning is critical in maintaining a long-term strategy in differentiating your products & services while establishing your customer profile. Consumers seek brands that they feel a connection with, they aren't buying a product, they are buying something they can be a part of. Establishing a clear and simple brand identity allows consumers to feel that immediate connection.

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  • Market Research

    Market insight and real-time consumer intelligence allows for strategic decision making by leveraging our internal marketing analytics team. Systematically gathering the right data about the current end user and evolving market trends allows you to reach the right customer base on reaching the goal of creating long-term, effective and straight to the point market strategies.

    Market research is objectively investigating a target market, business circumstances and competitor behaviours to get as much information as you can and documenting data to be analysed in order to be able to take action that will guide the path of your business. 

    Without a good market research, a business’ set future targets will not be realistic.

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  • Omni Channel

    With many companies diving quickly into newer digital platforms, existing solutions become outdated which leads to a misalignment in what is being offered to customers across platforms. We consult our customers on their digital portfolio with the focus on a seamless and multichannel approach for brand identity. 

    Companies practicing the omni channel approach believes that a customer values the ability to engage with a company through multiple channels at the same time.

    When you dive into the omni channel approach, it is the multi channel sales approach where the customers are provided with an integrated customer experience, no matter how they are reaching out to you, the user experience they get by using your services are the same all throughout.

    Saypr has an experienced team in creating omni channels, mostly due to the problems we had to solve in the past with a lot of different customers from all sorts of industries. The team had to figure out effective ways to catch the attention of the customers and at the same time apply this to other channels to achieve a unique and seamless experience.

    Companies that prioritise omni-channel, tend to provide its users with a more unique and complete experience across all platforms, and this in return brings better user engagement to a company or a brand.

    Our expert strategist team at Saypr takes extra care when creating such ecosystems to brands, where the omni channel approach is applied from day one, even if the brand will not be actively using all the possible channels in the beginning, the set up is made such that it will be adaptable to the whole omni channel concept.

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Some Projects

/Our Design Process

  • 01Information Architecture

    Gathering the right stakeholders for the creative process to generate, develop, and communicate new ideas.

  • 02UX Wireframes

    Gathering the right stakeholders for the creative process to generate, develop, and communicate new ideas.

  • 03UX Prototype

    Gathering the right stakeholders for the creative process to generate, develop, and communicate new ideas.

  • 04UX Prototype

    Gathering the right stakeholders for the creative process to generate, develop, and communicate new ideas.

  • 05Design / UI

    Gathering the right stakeholders for the creative process to generate, develop, and communicate new ideas.

  • 06Design Prototype

    Gathering the right stakeholders for the creative process to generate, develop, and communicate new ideas.



  • What is a Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting Company

    Saypr is a digital marketing strategy consulting company centered around providing digital solutions to companies interested in increasing their businesses’ effectiveness through digital means. These digital solutions span a wide range of services, including:

    • Strategy:

    -Digital Strategy

    -Brand Strategy

    -Market Research

    -Omni Channel

    • Marketing:


    -Facebook Ads

    -Google Ads

    -Social Media Marketing

    -Growth Hacking

    -Web Analytics

    • Prototyping:

    -Rapid Prototyping

    -Evolutionary Prototyping

    -Design Prototyping

    • Design:

    -Ideation Workshops

    -UX/UI Design


    -Ecommerce Platforms

    -Content Development

    -Design Language


    These services range from SEO (or ‘search engine optimization,’ designed to improve the placement of a website in the list of search engine results), to front-end development (ensuring that a website or application looks aesthetically pleasing and functions seamlessly for users by debugging all possible problems).  

    The goal of these digital solutions is that, by investing an amount in the promotion and streamlining of a company’s customer-business interface, that business will see returns such as:

    • Increased customer traffic to business sites
    • An uptick in finished sales
    • Augmented profit.
  • How much does a Digital Marketing Strategy cost?

    Since Saypr works directly with its clients’ needs, prices vary (usually from $50-99 per hour). This being said, the average statistics in the market are as follows:

    -The average budget for digital marketing: $30,000-$145,000 per month for small to midsized businesses.

    -SEO: $200-$20,000 per month

    -Social Media Marketing: $250-$10,000 per month

    -Website Design: $2500-$100,000

    -Larger companies, (i.e. Microsoft or Google), typically budget 10-25% of their revenue for marketing

    -2/3 of marketing budget is designated to digital marketing

    The cost of digital marketing services varies depending on the

    - Experience of the digital services agency

    - Size of the client company 

    - Services required

    - Required timeline for the requested services

    - Complexity of the digital marketing strategy

    To request a quote from Saypr:, or reach out to one of Saypr’s bases in New York, London, or San Francisco. 

  • What are the benefits of creating a Digital Marketing Strategy?

    Digital marketing itself has an enormous number of benefits. 

    - Measurable results

    - It reaches enormous numbers of potential customers

    - It is comparatively cost-effective.

    A Digital Marketing Strategy tailored to a company’s needs amplifies these benefits. 

    - Over 65% of people can recall the name of a brand they saw in a digital advertisement

    - Only 7% of people ever explore up to the third page of a search engine, a problem solved by using SEO

    - 99% of Americans aged 18 to 49 own a smartphone (one of the major channels for digital marketing reception)

    - 36% of companies try to integrate digital marketing strategies with traditional marketing strategies to maximize returns

    - Marketers with a strategy—who plan their projects and campaigns when digitally marketing—are 356% more likely to have success.

  • What is the road map of getting Digital Marketing as a service?

    Using Saypr for your digital marketing needs is a simple as accessing Saypr’s website and requesting a quote or a meeting through the Contact page. 

    After getting in touch, Saypr will work with a business or company to examine their needs, locate areas of potential growth, and discuss goals. 

    From then on, Saypr’s experts will work with the business to tailor a Digital Marketing Strategy suited to the client business’s requirements, taking into account

    - The business’s target consumer groups

    - Budget

    - Current market trends

    - Current social trends

    - Any other services that the business may hire them to perform (such as Web development or branding strategy). 

    Customer reviews emphasize Saypr’s “High standards” and “internal motivation” (according to reviewer Efe Kababulut, CEO of Lazzoni Furniture, who hired Saypr for its Digital Marketing services in 2018).

  • Which type of customers can choose Saypr for their Digital Marketing Strategy?

    Saypr is qualified to provide digital solutions and Digital Marketing Strategy advising to almost any company, no matter size, customer base, product, or service. Saypr’s service focus is split primarily into the following categories:

    - Content Marketing

    - Web Design

    - Web Development

    - Mobile App Development

    - Digital Strategy

    - Social Media Marketing

    - UX/UI Design

    These are the major foci of Saypr’s digital solutions services, as well as their most popular, and it’s customers who require these services that constitute the main base of Saypr clients. The business focus of Saypr’s customer companies varies widely; Saypr has served 

    - Sportswear companies

    - Food brands

    - Fashion studios

    - Investment banks

    - Airline companies

    - Real estate firms

    - etc.

    The size of the customer company also varies, exhibiting Saypr’s experience and flexibility.

  • Large size companies

    Saypr has served companies on the size scale of: 

    • Nike 
    • Starbucks
    • Reebok
    • RBS
    • Beats by Dre
    • Google
    • Microsoft
    • Ford
    • Shell
    • Heineken
    • JP Morgan
    • Jack in the Box
    • Goldman Sachs. 

    To provide digital solutions to companies serving large-scale customer bases, an agency like Saypr requires market awareness in order to maximize efficiency. This includes:

    • Knowing which consumer demographics to target
    • Monitoring digital and technological developments to ensure that all solutions are up to date
    • Capability to work under pressure
    • Quick adaptiveness.

    Saypr does not shy away from the challenge of adapting a Digital Marketing Strategy to global initiatives: about 40% of Saypr’s clients are considered ‘big businesses’ (defined as a business worth >1 billion dollars).

  • Small to Medium-Sized Companies

    Approximately 60% of Saypr’s clients are medium or small businesses (a small business is one valued at below $10 million, while a midsized business ranges in value from $10 million to $1 billion). 

    • 30% of Saypr’s client businesses are valued at greater than $10 million but less than $1 billion
    • 30% of Saypr’s client businesses are valued at $10 million or less.

    A brief list of Saypr’s small to midsized clients includes 

    • Mardo Ice Cream
    • A 21-franchise ice cream company
    • Daplie
    • A company focused on safe, reliable Cloud systems
    • Evolution Fresh
    • A juice company
    • L.O.N.B. (Love or Nothing Baby)

    -A luxury handbag retailer

    • Genesis
    • A social business project improving the living environment of cities
    • Kibris Developments

    -Real estate company based in Cyprus

    • RŪH Collective.

    -Fashion company for women

    • Pringle of Scotland

    -200+ year old knitwear fashion company

    This variety exemplifies Saypr’s broad experience base.

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