There is no doubt that whatever the niche, every market today is becoming more

competitive. Not only that, but consumers are better informed and more

engaged in the buying process, and as such business today needs to adjust how

they approach their audience to achieve the sales growth they desire.

To accomplish that process effectively means a greater understanding of

consumer opinion, expectations and needs, and that in turn means market

research. However, few businesses have in-house expertise to carry out effective

market research at any scale, and your business will likely turn to external

market research agencies to acquire the data needed to develop effective

business strategies. However, with so many agencies available in London, the

question is, how do you choose the right Market Research Agency for your


  • How to choose the right Market Research Agency in London?

    Finding the right market research agency in London, where there is so much

    choice and cost variation between agencies can be a real challenge. UK market

    research has been an innovator for may years, but not all agencies are created

    equal. You can’t judge solely by cost either, an expensive campaign may be

    expensive because of the broader scope, or it’s a larger agency that puts more

    resources into the strategy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean success.

    Everyone can talk a good strategy, but not everyone can deliver one. This is the

    dilemma you face when looking for a market research agency in London. Having

    a track record of success in your market is important, both in terms of being able

    to deliver and of understanding the needs of your business.

    A great way to uncover the market research agencies that have done well for

    businesses like yours in London is to talk to your contacts. If you are involved in

    any business groups or trade initiatives, see what other members have been

    doing. This way can quickly lead you to a local agency that understands your

    particular industry needs.

    Other areas to consider include :

  • Understanding your Objectives

    The first aspect of the proposal that matters is whether the agency fully

    understood your objectives.

    In other words, will the proposed strategy achieve your goals? This should be at

    the core of your

    decision-making process, as if the agency has this wrong, the study will not

    accomplish anything of


  • Time before Delivery

    Even if you find a proposal meets your needs and expectations for the first two categories, if they

    cannot deliver results when you need them, then that is not the agency to choose. You may find

    some cannot begin work on your study for a length of time, or expect it to take longer than you

    initially thought, but if the result is a schedule that doesn’t match your needs, then there is probably

    no point in proceeding.

    A little flexibility here can help, especially of the agency has everything you need elsewhere, if the

    timeline differences are small enough, this could be a point of negotiation to be worked on.

  • Cost

    Probably the first thing you look at in any proposal, and of course is of significant importance. However, to find the right agency, you don’t need the lowest cost option. You need the most cost- effective that will deliver your objectives, which is why cost comes after you establish those credentials. Market research is a resource intensive activity, so look out for very low offers. Anything significantly below the other options will likely have to cut corners somewhere in the process, and that will leave you with an unsatisfactory outcome.

  • Why choose a market research agency in London?

    London is an international city that has long attracted some of the best creative minds from every continent. In addition, as the business capital of the United Kingdom and a leading commerce center for Europe, there are a huge number of market research agencies to choose from. With every size of agency and options for any budget, there are quality market research services available to suit any project.

    In addition, London, England market research agencies are supported by the excellent communications provision of the city. Whether you are using digital communications or wish to meet face to face, market research agencies in London are easy to connect with.

  • Why should you decide for a Market Research Agency in London instead of any other city in the UK

    London doesn’t just bring more choice and skill collected from around the world compared to other UK cities, there are other reasons to choose a London based market research agency too. Finding an agency with experience in your particular field is easier in London as well, in fact you are more likely to find an agency that specializes in your area of interest.

    This can be particularly useful is that if an agency has already had success in your field, you are essentially buying a ready-made market research solution. Yes, they may need to tailor some specific details, but overall, what worked will continue to work, and you can see clearly what it is you are going to get.

  • How do market research agencies in London work?

    In London there are so many agencies to choose from, all of differing size, experience and approach. When narrowing down your list of potential agencies, it makes sense to exclude those who simply do not have the resources to complete the task. If you need a large campaign, or are working to a very tight deadline, or a combination of the two, then to successfully carry out the task, it will need more resources than a smaller, longer campaign.

    With the right London-based market research agency selected, you can prepare a brief for your research campaign, and then your agency will develop a strategy to deliver on those goals. There are several aspects to this that reflect how the agency will implement the campaign.

  • Achieving your Objectives

    Great London agencies think like their clients and are able to formulate studies that achieve your objectives. From conducting a survey with your customer base to get the right data or choosing an appropriate demographic outside of your existing audience, making the right choice here helps build the dataset that allows informed choice and effective decision making.

    How this is accomplished will vary depending on the chosen agency. Some London, UK based agencies have complete, in-house call centers for carrying out surveys, others outsource to specialist businesses to carry these tasks out. Choose agencies that use the method that you feel most comfortable with.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Acquiring data is only part of the process, your London market research agency also prepares a full report of the study, along with actional recommendations once complete. Analysis of the data and assessment of your current position, and actions needed to achieve your objectives are the key deliverables you can expect from a quality market research campaign.

    This allows you to quickly narrow your choice to agencies of a suitable size. Another way to narrow down your list is location. Even today, a face to face meeting can be extremely beneficial, but there is more to location than that. Agencies that have in-house facilities to hold focus groups can prove useful, and those with internal call centers can be beneficial when it comes to data security compared to those who outsource field work.

    Finally, look at client lists and track record. Assessing the client list will help you see the kind of experience and agency has, if they have worked in your market even better, while a history of successfully delivered studies points to an accomplished agency who can actually deliver on their promises.

  • Why should you choose Saypr as Your Market Research Company in London?

    Saypr take all the benefits of a London Market Research Agency already mentioned, and then add the flexibility and cost savings that a multinational business can provide. That means a team of highly experienced professionals with the skill and innovation needed to compete in a crowded London market, while avoiding the cost penalty that is associated with London by leveraging the business foundations, with multiple offices around the world.

    With Saypr’s commitment to customer service, hard earned reputation for quality and track record of delivering success for clients of all sizes, and it is clear to see why the team at Saypr provide the complete solution for any market research needs, making them your number one choice for a market research agency in London.

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