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Omni Channel Strategy Service

What is Omni Channel?

With many companies diving quickly into newer digital platforms, existing solutions become outdated which leads to a misalignment in what is being offered to customers across platforms. We consult our customers on their digital portfolio with the focus on a seamless and multichannel approach for brand identity. 

Companies practicing the omni channel approach believes that a customer values the ability to engage with a company through multiple channels at the same time.

When you dive into the omni channel approach, it is the multi channel sales approach where the customers are provided with an integrated customer experience, no matter how they are reaching out to you, the user experience they get by using your services are the same all throughout.

Saypr has an experienced team in creating omni channels, mostly due to the problems we had to solve in the past with a lot of different customers from all sorts of industries. The team had to figure out effective ways to catch the attention of the customers and at the same time apply this to other channels to achieve a unique and seamless experience.

Companies that prioritise omni-channel, tend to provide its users with a more unique and complete experience across all platforms, and this in return brings better user engagement to a company or a brand.

Our expert strategist team at Saypr takes extra care when creating such ecosystems to brands, where the omni channel approach is applied from day one, even if the brand will not be actively using all the possible channels in the beginning, the set up is made such that it will be adaptable to the whole omni channel concept.

  • How to implement Omni Channel?

    1. A wide range of representative customer personas have to be created, keeping in mind the different buying habits and behaviours throughout different channels.
    2. Customers need to have a variety of options i.e different channels which can reach a business. It is important to listen to the customers and try to understand what they like and what not, their choices are important.
    3. A business should carry out the follow up techniques to promote more sales from existing customers and to encourage new people to join in through the abandoned cart follow ups.
    4. Automated marketing should be used effectively in identifying different customer groups, and these tools should be used wisely to choose how to approach potential customers and current customers. 
    5. All businesses should have strong but at the same time flexible support mechanisms set in place when it comes to customer support and handling. It will be effective for a business to keep things consistent and train both their workers and also in-directly their customers via guiding them to the desired communication mechanisms set.
    6. Data analysis should be consistently monitored and acted upon, in other words, checking up on the performance and fluency of cross-channels and modifying them to meet the desired standards. For the poor performing ones, this might even mean shutting them down for good.
    7. All businesses are advised to use discount schemes more extensively, as this will improve the chances of engagement with the customers and increase sales.
    8. Applying the ‘be global, act local’ strategy will help customers feel closer to your business. This will make them feel more comfortable and welcome by your business and therefore you will have a better chance of converting those people to loyal customers.
  • How to measure Omni Channel performance?

    There are various ways to measure the performance of an omni channel approach. The primary one is to measure the sales in relation to time. If there is an increase in sales over time, then that’s a good sign and what you’re doing is actually working. To measure the sales, we use tools that creates sales analysis. 

    Then there is the customer satisfaction aspect which needs to be tracked continuously. This should not be a one-off practice, rather it should be carried out all the time. It is important if a business’ customers are happy, as they are the main driving force for that business to continue its existence without any external support. 

    So, customer experience should always be a key point to keep an eye on, and should always be improved.

    One good indicator of a successful omni channel approach is having a well maintained brand profile. Being searched for and having caught the attention of customers is important.                                    

  • How Omni Channel works?

    Omni channel is where the actual stores being the physical old style ones, meets the online stores which can be regarded as the virtual stores of the present. 

    By connecting these two different stores, a business enables its customers to freely interact with the products and the business everyday and everywhere, whenever they want. This relatively new approach is an attempt for businesses to align itself with the multi channeled approach of customers.

  • How can our team help you on applying omni channel to your business?

    No matter who the client is, what the client is asking for, our team will make sure that we start things off by defining our clients the term ‘omni channel’ and ‘omni channel from our eye’. 

    Once these terms are clearly understood and we believe that both sides have the same understanding of what is what, then we can start brainstorming and executing.

    The experience of any potential or returning customers should be the most important thing for a business. Keeping a stable and consistent profile across different sales channels is key, and this should be understood before we can help any client. 

    Then we have workshops with our clients and brainstorm what the business goals are, where our clients want to see their businesses in the future and set targets. 

    On the other hand, while these business goals and targets are set, we try to identify the things that our customers value the most and want to see in our business. We then try to overlap these business targets and customer values and try to come up with the best solution where both sides will utilize. The business desires improved and continuous sales, whereas the customer side wants a clear, easy to understand and ethical brand that they can feel close.


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