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What is Frontend Development?
Frontend development is all about what the users see on their screen when they open a website or an application. It is the client side development works where data is converted into a graphical interface such that the users can easily get the look and feel of any given website.

The main technologies used in Frontend development revolves around HTML, CSS and JavaScript, with a lot of other add-ons that are used to provide a seamless user experience to visitors.

Bringing the designs to life as they are is an important part of a frontend developers job, and they get to be the first ones to do debugging of the products before they push the stuff to the users. Delivering responsive solutions to the customers is also a key job for any given developer.

Accessibility and performance are two important goals for any frontend developer, where they use available tools and techniques.

  • How does frontend development work?

    Frontend development is where the design and the technology meets. The designs are brought alive via the core elements of frontend development which are HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and they are integrated with the backend technologies to give the end users ability to interact with the website or the application.

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