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What is Facebook Ads

Depending on a brand’s purpose, Facebook ads can be in a couple of different forms. It can promote a brands’ Facebook page, the content posted on the Facebook page, the set of actions taken by users, and even brands’ own website. There is a tendency for Facebook to keep the traffic on its own platform but it is possible to divert users to a separate website.

Personal information such as the location of users, their specific profile information and demographics are used by Facebook ads to target ads. 

All a brand has to do to set up a Facebook ad is to come up with an ad or a post, then set the budget they want to spend on that ad, and after a couple of clicks, the Facebook ad is ready and live.

  • How does Saypr deal with Facebook Ads?

    We plan, execute, and optimize Facebook Advertising campaigns for brands all over the world as a stand alone service or integrated with our custom development solutions. 

    Facebook Advertising campaigns prove to be one of the most efficient digital marketing campaigns around these days, with so many people using the service. You need to have a set target audience and set strategies about your business. You need to know where you want to take your business, and you have to get these ideas and plans across to our technical team, which will do the ‘magic’ and find ways to push your desired campaigns and ads to your target audience’ news feeds. On doing this, they will make sure that the target audience will see it. The primary goal is to get the target audience to engage in with the ad through Facebook post or through your external website.

    What we do at Saypr to keep up to date with the ever changing conditions and customer needs is we do regular meetings with our clients and make sure that their target audience is still relevant and apply the changes if there are any, likewise, we make sure that the campaign targets and expectations are still the same, if not, we try to get all the latest needs and push ourselves to implement them in the shortest time possible.

    We also utilize specific research findings on the performance of different practices within this field, and apply our market knowledge to guide our clients to insider knowledge such as ‘how many words a title should include’ and the words that people respond to more and even color selections in ads. We like to keep things short and interesting.

  • How does Facebook Ads work?

    A brand comes up with an advertisement that they want to post on Facebook. Facebook ads uses this ad and show it to the Facebook audience according to their location, specific profile information, user activities, demographics, how often and to what extent they use their device and also the activities while they are not logged in to Facebook. 

    Any brand that uses the Facebook ads need to know what their goals are, and where they want to reach when using Facebook ads. It is important to show the intended content to the right person, keeping in mind the timing is critical as well. 

    We must keep in mind that, a business using Facebook ads might not get to their desired levels of reach and returns overnight. The whole process is a long term approach and the business has to continually optimize for the system to become more and more effective. So, we can say that patience is key.

  • What you need to know before using Facebook ads?

    1. You need to be clear on why you are advertising and what your goals are for posting a Facebook ad.
    2. You need to know who you want to reach with the ad and who your target is.
    3. You need to set a budget for this practice. This should reflect your expectations from the ad.
    4. You need to have your assets ready for posting an ad such as photos or videos.
  • How can you optimize Return of Interest (ROI) by using Facebook Ads?

    Although the Facebook Ads are a cheap way of reaching a businesses customers, the prices add up as it is a continuous process where you have to carry out the correct steps to achieve optimal solutions. It might seem to be hard to achieve at first, but if the correct footsteps are taken, then life will become much easier and the situation will only get much positive for the adapters of this technology.

    It will be a very wise move to optimize the advertising strategy that will be followed by the business. Therefore, the business has to know who the target audience is, what their interests are and what they like. 

    If everything is done right; you define your advertising strategy and set your target audience and have a good ad content with all the images, text and designs, and the ROI is not in the desired levels, then you’ll probably go back to the drawing board and change your target audience, as that is probably the only thing not matching.

    Then there is the stage where Facebook makes you choose one of their pre defined campaigns, and since we are interested in improving the ROI, we will choose the ‘Conversion Ads’ which are the toughest when it comes to optimizing. The process is not done yet, as the main goal is still to do sales, so people need to purchase your stuff, and you won’t be done till the purchase phase.

    Tracking the purchases through your website will become important once the Facebook Ad starts to bring in people and increase your sales. Facebook uses the pixel, which is just a code script found in the Facebook Ads Manager and does all the communication between the businesses website and the Facebook Ad. That will enable us to monitor every phase during the sales. 

    The ads should be aesthetic and it should catch the attention of the users, as people  will only look at interesting stuff, and you have to be on top of your game when it comes to ad designs and formats, such as a video ad is always better than a static background/image ad. It all comes down to the budget a business will spend on an ad.

    Finally, it is very important to monitor the progress and analysis of any campaign running.

  • Why is important to choose an agency instead of doing it yourself?

    While social posts, email blasts and blog updates may seem like territory that is manageable without outside help, I'd like to discuss the aspects of marketing that are often forgotten or unknown to those who are not responsible for marketing on a day-in, day-out basis, to help you better decide if you should hire a marketing agency.

    Since everybody uses social media extensively nowadays, it is often regarded as a very simple aspect of marketing. You can’t blame people for believing that they can achieve good results by just carrying out their own ad campaigns, but it has to be kept in mind that there is a lot more to digital advertising than just posting images on social media, sending out lots of emails and updating the blog pages of a webpage. Some advantages of getting help from an agency can be listed as follows:

    • There won't be any biased assumptions regarding the business itself
    • More detailed work through a deeper knowledge on the practice
    • There is definitely more experience and know-how
  • How do you know that you have chosen the right marketing agency?

    Choosing the right marketing agency is probably the most important stage of the whole process, where your digital partners’ performance and ingenuity will have critical impacts on your business.

    Selecting the right digital marketing agency as a partner will require the following steps:

    1. Evaluate your company’s needs and goals, and be clear about your future plans
    2. Be aware of the market that you are operating in, know your competitors and what they do, their followers, their ideologies
    3. The digital partner should understand your company’s goals. You should choose a partner whose work and products will match your style
    4. Set your future plans, and make sure people learn about these plans, and hear about these plans, a lot.
    5. Don’t decide according to prices, consider values more.
  • Does your business need Facebook Advertising?

    With about 1.5 billion daily active users, Facebook is massive. It has a lot of potential to grow even more, where more than half of the world (~ 55%) having internet access these days. Reaching out to so many people with your company’s ads will prove to be very good for your business goals. Facebook advertising is proven to be one of the most effective advertising channels out there.

    Facebook Advertising is easy to get started with, easy to use and gives you speedy results which every business needs. Time is money, so investing in money saving tools is a smart approach.

    With its highly customizable nature, Facebook Advertising makes it easier for a business to connect with its target audience. By playing around with the settings, keywords and appearance of different ads, they can be made to suit a companys’ specific needs                 

    The platform itself is continually evolving with new additions coming on regular intervals and always updates and improvements are made.


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