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Back-End Development

What is Backend Development?

Backend development is the server side development, which is generally regarded as the skills that power the web. These are the code that’s never seen by the users and they take action behind the scenes. Backend development focuses on functionality aspects, and how the site works.

Backend and frontend development work hand in hand to deliver the desired products to the user. The user experience and user interface is covered by the frontend development where as the backend development gives life to the web application connecting the web to the database and taking care of the user connections.

  • What else can you do with backend development?

    Backend development also involves writing application program interfaces (APIs) - which are tools for building software apps. Backend is also widely used in creating libraries and other components that do not include user interfaces.

  • What are some types of backend development languages?

    Backend development is separated into two types; 

    • Object Oriented (OOP): this type focuses on objects and is executed in a specific order. Widely used languages that fall into this type are  Java, .NET, and Python.

    • Functional: this type is the action-based one, more often used in data science, where execution of statements can be in any order. Widely used languages that fall into this type are SQL, F#, and R.
  • How does backend development work?

    Backend development is all about the combination of a server, a database and an application. It is the backend code that forms the link between the database and the app. With its main focus on the server side of development, the backend is what gives life to an application.

  • Which companies can choose Back-End Development as a service from Saypr?

    Backend development can be regarded as being the brain of every application that is built. Although it is the unseen parts of the work, it is the most important. Several things become very important when it comes to backend. The technological stack selected to carry out the needs of the backend development can actually become the limiting factor in the future, and when we say future, this can be weeks or maybe a couple months in the technological world. No one wants to invest so much money into a product or a service and see their effort and money go down the drain in such a short time. That is not a timeframe that the company can make up for.

    This brings us to the reality that, every company investing their precious money on a product should be very careful with the way they are spending. The fact that everyone out there states that they can do backend development, does not mean that they actually can. 

    So, any company who wants to get a product built, will need to learn a bit about how the tech industry works, and how different tech solutions are stacked on top of each other to create systems and platforms. Thus, with a little bit of knowledge, they can monitor the design & development teams, especially during critical decision taking phases.

    Saypr has an experienced development team that specializes in various different technologies and are very good at learning new stuff within very short timeframes. The team is flexible and focused on execution, they are experienced in delivering end-to-end solutions from backend to frontend.

    The team has worked on many different technologies because every project comes with a different technological requirement, so diversity wise, we are pretty confident with our capabilities.

  • Small to medium size companies

    Every company that has or wants a web based product will need to get a backend development service. Backend or frontend on its own won’t get you anywhere so they go hand in hand and need to be tackled together. The teams developing the frontend and backend  of a product can be different, but the goal is the same, so they need to have a good coordination and planning from the right start, even before typing a single line of code.

    For small to medium companies, if it is not a tech company, they will get these services from other sources such as Saypr. If they approach us with the intent to get the whole product developed by us, frontend and backend, then we take control of the full tech part and deliver them an end-to-end product from planning to launch, and in most cases maintenance as well. But if there is another party carrying out the frontend, then we try to create a very transparent process of planning and executing together. Both backend and frontend has to be developed according to plan to reach success.

  • Large size companies

    As described above, every company that needs a web based product will need backend development. In larger companies, depending on their size and the frequency of getting such digital, web based products, they might have internal development teams who will carry out these tasks. But in more complex projects, or in projects that require a greater experience, these companies will ask for help from companies like Saypr.

  • How much will Back-End Development cost your company?

    The price for the backend works depends on the amount of resources and the time it takes to deliver the job. Bigger projects will obviously cost more than the smaller ones, but the bigger the projects get, the better deals that we apply on our clients. The amount of extra work and corrections that is required along the way are charged separately at the end.

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