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Google Ads Managment

What is Google Ads?

As its name might suggest, Google Ads is the advertisement service created by Google search engine. By using this service, advertisers get to display their website on the results page of the search engine. This is a paid service and will be in effect right away, without waiting to organically move up the search engine rankings. What advertisers can display on these paid ads can vary from small product or service listing ads to short videos, and even mobile app installations. 

Google Ads is a pay-per-click service which is easily customizable and is widely used by many businesses.

  • Why Google Ads?

    Google Ads are the latest pay-per-click version of Google’s advertising program which was first launched in 2000. They form an important part of many businesses of all sizes.

    The whole service relies on the keywords that the business chooses in order to get to the target audience. Those keywords will enable reaching out to the target audience, and this is very important for the business, because we know that those people are searching about the services or products that your business is providing.

    Some main reasons on why people use Google Ads can be listed as the following:

    1. Google Ads can easily be tracked and performance can be checked on
    2. The whole concept of Google Ads is being faster than any SEO practice, its instant
    3. Google Ads has a better chance of bringing people to your page, it is more attractive to users
    4. It helps in controlling the budget for advertisement
    5. It puts you in a better place than your competitors who are not using the Google Ads service
  • What you should know before choosing an agency for Google Ads?

    It is good to know that using internal resources in doing advertisements such as Google Ads might seem to be working at first, but most of the time, that is not the case. The internal team will be focused on the pay-per-click PPC option but when it comes to more detailed stuff such as keyword research and automation, then you will require a more professional approach. 

    It’s always a good idea to get your internal teams to be working on improving your products and services, whereas getting an external agency to help you out with time consuming advertisement stuff will be a wise move.

  • Why is Google Ads important for your business?

    Businesses choose to use Google Ads for a couple of reasons. The main reason being the speed at which a website can be listed at the top of the search engine. No other organic SEO practice will can achieve that speed.

    Then, as we all might have noticed, Google is displaying ads in a lot of different places, and this will only increase. They make a lot of money from these advertisements, and they are willing to carry the helpers to better places, in other words, Google is helping those who help it grow. 

    The flexibility of the Google Ads which enables users to make instant testing of all aspects makes it a great tool for ‘trial & error’ in campaigns. Users can change the content of the Ads, and observe which ones get better reaction from the target audience. 

    Finally, being able to control what you spend on these ads, and being able to put limits on to the Ads spendings, will make sure that you never go over the set budget in online advertisement.

  • Do I need to run ads on Google Ads or can I go only with SEO?

    It is known that Google Ads do not directly improve the ranking of any given website in organic search engine rankings, but by following a couple of different things, it can help improve the results. 

    Using Google Ads will help gather data in the fastest way, and these data can be used over in the SEO strategy carried out. This approach will minimize risk and loss of valuable time and money for the business. It can also be regarded as a trial and error process where these data and the insights gathered can be used to evolve your SEO strategy around. 

    We should keep in mind that we are doing all this effort to increase conversion rates, and if this route passes through Google Ads, then a business might as well try using them.

  • Are Google Ads the best practices?

    The main goal in any marketing campaign is to maximize the Return of Investment (ROI), and thus, the channels that any marketing campaign will be carried out on is key. These channels include; the website, social media platforms, search engine optimization (SEO),  email marketing, pay per click (PPC) advertising and word of mouth. With so many different options, and with so many changes happening on a daily basis, life becomes even harder. Which ones will perform the best varies from business to business, but what we all know is that whichever channel is chosen to proceed with, will require a lot of effort to put into, and if that chosen channel does not work as desired, then people should not refrain from trying another channel.

  • How to measure Ads performance?

    We have to keep in mind the main goal of paid advertisements. We want them to be seen by as many people as possible, and thus increase the conversion rates. This can be measured by looking at the visibility metrics and the engagement metrics.  If these show a promising scenario, then the business can continue to carry out their marketing strategy, if not, then it will be a good idea to shift into other practices.

    Then there's the Return on Investment (ROI) aspect which needs to be assessed. Every business needs to set a budget they will spend on the whole advertising campaign depending on the actual product cost.

    To sum up, any business investing in Google Ads can investigate these specified metrics in order to get a clear view of how the paid ads are doing so they can make a judgement on continuing to invest in these ads or not.


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