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What is branding?

Branding is creating the professional profile of a business. It is making a business or a brand distinguishable from the other competition within that market. Branding is the identity, and the real representation of the business. It is the entire customer experience of the business. 

Branding constitutes a business’ logo, its statement, its design and the overall looks. All the practices that are carried out in order to make a business identifiable, and stand out from the rest is branding.

  • Where to start for best branding?

    In order to develop a brand, you need a solid idea which can carry the business and all the other marketing campaigns. An idea which will support your story, and be your businesses reference.

    The idea should be thoroughly absorbed by the business and the business should be able to satisfy the promise of the brand. Only then, a business can experience success no matter what market they are operating in.

    Apart from the idea which will be your businesses main focus, other necessary practices are advertising campaigns, customer service and public relations etiquette, promotional items, brand awareness efforts and a strong graphical design set which consists of the logo design, typography, colors and all the styles the brand will carry.

  • Why is branding important for your business?

    Branding has a direct impact on how people see a business. Branding is very important in the sense that it is the first impression that the business has on anyone interested. In order to create an impact on people and be remembered, branding phase has to be absolutely nailed. 

    Besides leaving a good impression on potential customers, one other key aspect of branding is that it allows people to have an idea of what they can expect from your business.

  • What is the direct impact of branding on a business?
    1. Branding attracts attention, it increases a business’ recognition
    2. A well executed branding will increase the credibility and the value of a business
    3. A strong branding will prompt referrals of the business and word of mouth spreading of the brand
    4. Working for a strongly branded business will increase the satisfaction of the employees and a strong image would feel more reliable for them
    5. A good business profile would feel trustworthy within the market, and people generally have a tendency to do more business with people or brands they know and trust more
    6. A well established branding will be a very good support for any advertising campaign for the business

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