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What is branding?

Branding is creating the professional profile of a business. It is making a business or a brand distinguishable from the other competition within that market. Branding is the identity, and the real representation of the business. It is the entire customer experience of the business. 

Branding constitutes a business’ logo, its statement, its design and the overall looks. All the practices that are carried out in order to make a business identifiable, and stand out from the rest is branding.

  • Where to start for best branding?

    In order to develop a brand, you need a solid idea which can carry the business and all the other marketing campaigns. An idea which will support your story, and be your businesses reference.

    The idea should be thoroughly absorbed by the business and the business should be able to satisfy the promise of the brand. Only then, a business can experience success no matter what market they are operating in.

    Apart from the idea which will be your businesses main focus, other necessary practices are advertising campaigns, customer service and public relations etiquette, promotional items, brand awareness efforts and a strong graphical design set which consists of the logo design, typography, colors and all the styles the brand will carry.

  • Why is branding important for your business?

    Branding has a direct impact on how people see a business. Branding is very important in the sense that it is the first impression that the business has on anyone interested. In order to create an impact on people and be remembered, branding phase has to be absolutely nailed. 

    Besides leaving a good impression on potential customers, one other key aspect of branding is that it allows people to have an idea of what they can expect from your business.

  • What is the direct impact of branding on a business?

    1. Branding attracts attention, it increases a business’ recognition
    2. A well executed branding will increase the credibility and the value of a business
    3. A strong branding will prompt referrals of the business and word of mouth spreading of the brand
    4. Working for a strongly branded business will increase the satisfaction of the employees and a strong image would feel more reliable for them
    5. A good business profile would feel trustworthy within the market, and people generally have a tendency to do more business with people or brands they know and trust more
    6. A well established branding will be a very good support for any advertising campaign for the business
  • What to know before choosing an agency for branding design?

    It is a very important phase in a company’s lifetime, getting their branding done. This will stay with them for a very long time, if not their whole life. This will be the face of the brand so it is a critical phase and should be dealt with care.

    The agency to work with should be one that fully understands your brand’s needs, problems and targets. Only then, they can add value to your branding work, and in return, add value to your brand. To be able to determine whether an agency is capable of doing this or not, there are some indicators which you should check. The type and quality of their previous work, in other words their previous experience and their clients. This will give you a good insight on their abilities and you can know what to expect from that agency.

    This is not an easy process, nor is it cheap, but making a bad decision and hiring the wrong agency could end up in your company spending double the budget to get it rebranded by another agency. There are a couple important factors that you will need to look into before selecting the right agency for your branding work. Look at the agency’s first impression that they left on you, their size, their field of expertise, and their portfolio. Are they always doing the same kind of work or do they have a variety of different works that they do? Where do they stand within the industry, how is their reputation within the industry? Does your company’s values and their values align? - The same goes for their agency culture. Is it close to your own culture within your brand? Do you know how they will tackle your branding work, what steps they will take on getting the job done? Try to find if they have a process or steps that they will follow on getting your job done.

  • Which companies can choose branding design as a service from Saypr?

    Saypr can help any business or organization on their branding services. We love working with different people from different industries, that is something people often notice about Saypr. We have clients from a lot of different industries. The idea of working with so many different industries might sound overwhelming but it was a great opportunity for our teams to dive into these different industries and learn a lot of insider knowledge about these other industries. 

    It should be kept in mind that, branding requires a good idea to build everything on top of. This will represent the whole company, and needs to give confidence to the customers. The brand should back the statement of the company and provide value to the business that the company is doing.

    Companies which are aware that a good branding job will help bring recognition and brand awareness among customers and potential customers, and are willing to get the emotional connection with their audience will want to get branding services from Saypr.

    Saypr can help all these people that want a brand which will set them apart from their competitors and show that they are unique on their own.

  • Small To Medium Size Companies

    Small to medium sized companies should prefer working with smaller agencies to get their branding works done. If they go to larger branding agencies, they might not find the attention they would love to have and feel a bit neglected.

    At the beginning, every company would love to have more attention from the people around them, including the ones that they buy services from. This includes the branding agency that they choose to work with.

  • Large sized Companies

    Large companies at this point in their existence, will require a re-branding of their brand. This may be to refresh the vibes of the company or set up the basis for a new phase in the company’s existence. Whatever the reason is, these large companies would want to get their branding done in a very detailed and well thought approach. The process is still the same, the questions we ask, the steps we follow will still be the same, but this time, we will keep in mind the size of the company and its audience. Will there be a shift in the target audience with the re-branding phase or will the target audience remain the same? Then our team will carry out their brainstorming and ideation works and come up with a story for the job and evolve the whole branding around that story.

  • What is the cost of branding design as a service from Saypr?

    The cost of getting branding design service from Saypr depends on the number of resources and the duration of the branding process. Every project is unique and we deliver tailored solutions to every instance. This is not a templated work, so it takes time to dig deep and deliver the best product to our clients.


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