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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Increasing the visitors to a website, or in other words, improving the placement of the website as it appears on the search engines. This is not a paid placement, rather it relates to the unpaid results. 

In an attempt to increase the placement and ranking of a website, the owner is aiming at improving the number of visitors from a search engine. These visitors are potential customers that can be converted into paying customers possibly with other strategies that go parallel with the SEO practices.

  • What you need to know before choosing an SEO agency?

    Choosing a reliable SEO agency is critical as they will have access to a businesses most important data. On paper, they will be a business’ partner and in order for them to operate, they need access to your critical accounts. So everything needs to be transparent  for the business’ side. All accounts and access details will be handed over and in some cases, the control of certain accounts will be shifted to the SEO agency to take care of. With so many important things on the line for a business, it will be the best thing to do a good research on whom you want to hand over your most critical data. 

    Before choosing an SEO agency, a business should have its SEO targets set. The SEO agency that you will work with should clearly understand your targets. Then, the SEO agency should be able to measure all your analytical data and record them for you. Then check and see that the SEO agency has done similar work before, try to find reviews about them, do a good research and make sure that there isn’t anything that might make you feel worried about your critical data being handed over. It should not be forgotten that these are the first steps of a relationship, and every relationship starts with some uncertainties. It will be wise to minimize the risk by trying to be on the safe side at first. The next step will be arranging a consultation session with the SEO agency, try to understand their approach and how interested they are into working with you. Ask to see some previous examples with a similar situation as your business. Finally, try to understand their pricing for the services that your business will get from them, and compare if these prices match your budget for that job. If they are close and everything seems alright, then you just entered into a new relationship with your new SEO agency. If things don’t match and you are not convinced about any of these items listed, then it will be wise to move on to evaluating your next option till you find the matching agency.

  • What is regarded as a successful SEO?

    A successful SEO can be determined by a couple of indicators, which are not hard to notice even for the most non-technical people. These can be:

    • Increase in the search engine ranking of a website, will increase the organic traffic
    • Increase in organic traffic, will increase the customer interactions such as more forms being filled or more people reaching the business via telephone
    • Increase in the customer interactions, will increase the sales of the business
    • Increase in the sales, which will increase the revenue for the business

    With a strategic and well planned SEO practice, there is no reason for the business not to experience the above discussed items. These can be regarded as a successful SEO.

  • How to measure SEO performance?

    With a strategic approach, anything is possible. And the same thing applies for SEO services as well. But doing everything the way it’s supposed to be does not guarantee a good outcome. Thus, measuring performance is the key when it comes to checking on whether your efforts and money is worth it or not.

    1. Probably the most obvious of all; SEO ranking of the website
    2. The accessibility of the website; ie. does the website have back links, and how many are there?Are they enough. These should all be considered on the planning stages. It has a massive impact on the ranking of the website.
    3. How many visitors come to your website through unpaid search results? This is known as the organic traffic of the website.
    4. The duration of time that a visitor spends on a webpage.
    5. How many visitors land on the site and leave just after the first page they land on? This is known as the bounce rate, and there is always an effort to minimize the bounce rate and increase the visitors.
    6. How many visitors land on the website using their mobile devices? This is the mobile traffic. Search engines, especially Google likes mobile visitors on a website. 
    7. The Click Through Rate (CTR) is also regarded as an indicator of performance. It is the ratio of how many clicks an ad receives over how many people the add is shown to.
    8. Domain Authority (DA) is important as well. The DA score is the score given by Moz to every website. It pretty much tries to foresee how good the website will perform on search engine result pages
    9. Every business wants to have a website where people are interested in, and are following the contents of. One way of measuring this is to look at the returning visitors, and those visitors who land on the website directly. 

    Evaluating the success of an SEO attempt will take a bit of work but following this guidance will make tracking things easy.

  • How long does it take to rank in SEO?

    Generally, it would be around two to six months for a website to get picked up by google and ranked within the top ten listings if everything goes smooth, planned and well organized. But it has to be kept in mind that these durations are likely to change with the periodic changes in search engine criteria.


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